Sink Or Swim?

We recently were invited to attend a swimming class at Leatherhead leisure centre ran by Fusion Swim School who are apart of Fusion Lifestyle.  Fusion Lifestyle are a highly experienced sports and leisure management organisation which works with local councils, schools and colleges; which means local facilities and reasonable prices.  All the instructors are fully competent and qualified.

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Most Loved Beauty Picks

Out of both us Latte Mummies Charlotte is the fashionista, don’t get me wrong I love to shop, but I find shopping for clothes so stressful.  My body is forever changing depending if that week I have decided to eat a burger or not, and so for me my daily attire mainly consists gym clothes or comfort clothes, so when I shop I shop for makeup, skin care hair care, mainly anything that can keep me looking and feeling 20 years younger (wishful thinking). Continue reading “Most Loved Beauty Picks”

Family Fantastical

After the success of our day out at Hampton Court Palace for Family Fantastical watching Horrible Histories, we jumped at the chance to visit Kensington Palace.  The show was different this time; a random yet perfect combination of The English National Ballet and The Science Museum.

Off we set with all the boys, the teen included.  Family day out!

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When I was asked if I wanted to trial a months membership with Busylizzy, I jumped at the chance. a Month of toddler classes I could choose from, daily entertainment and an opportunity for me to try new things with him. I immediately went onto their website and perused the large variety of classes available for both babies and toddlers. Before I start rambling on about what we did however lets give you a little information about them.
So BusyLizzy are a local, family friendly club that offers classes, talks and events from pregnancy to tots. They have venues all around the UK including Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and Greater London. They are a club that run classes for parents by parents. Continue reading “BusyLizzy”

Family Travel Tips (part 2)

Welcome to part two of our Travel Tips guide.  In this part I will be offering some friendly advise on going on holiday whether abroad or in the UK with our offspring, however small or tall they might be.  The first time I went anywhere with my son I immediately went into panic mode and searched the internet for advice.  You can imagine the amount of sites and info that was offered, my head almost exploded trying to take it all in. Just seeing the pages and pages of black and white from websites, bloggers and chat pages  was enough to put me off going anywhere.  So I have condensed mine and made it easy to read in the hope you will be skipping all the way to your destination. Continue reading “Family Travel Tips (part 2)”

Family Travel Tips

Having been in the travel industry for a fair few years now I have come to pick up many tips and tricks along the way.  Then after travelling with our son on various holidays I have learnt even more.  So I thought why not share my knowledge with all you wonderful people.  I’m purely going to share how to just survive the flight and maybe if your lucky throw in some need to knows for airports, but I will also be writing a holiday survival guide as a part two to my Family Travel Tips … so watch this space.

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Breakfast Club #4

The Nest Cafe in Ripley is just on the main road of the beautiful Village in Surrey, it is a small boutique style cafe mixing both dining and lifestyle.  Not only does it offer a small but varied selection on the menu such as pastries, sandwiches and coffees but it is also attached to a little stylish shop offering accessories, gifts and household furnishings.

The seating here is minimal but does offer a little outside seating area if like us you have doggies.  Inside is not very buggy or stroller friendly due to the tight space, so be warned and get ready for a few 3 point turns.

The food was tasty but for child palettes maybe not exactly to their liking and sandwiches could not be made to order.  Although the Croissants went down well and the staff were very accommodating for the children.  The elder boys had their own table and delicious jug of hot chocolate to share.  Very continental.  If we had just been stopping for cake and coffee it would have been an ideal spot, but sadly breakfast wasn’t a hit with our menacing monkeys.  Lets just say it took a little persuading to stay, and don’t mention avocado to the teen.  Full English fry ups are not on the menu and breakfast options are limited, but the menu does look all rather yummy.

After breakfast we took a little stroll around Ripley green, and when I say little for us hard-core dog walkers anything under an hour is ‘little’.  However, we had two very tired mummies, so the dog walks on this occasion consisted of a quick loop of the field before we headed to the park to try to wear out the boys. The green is right next to The Nest so perfect place for a small dog walk, or if you don’t have a doggy its the perfect little spot to enjoy the park or just have a kick about with a ball.

A beautiful café to meet your friends and have delicious lunch, fussy child free.  Nose around the shops of Ripley and finish with a stroll in the beautiful surroundings.  Not one for the kids on this occasion, but a winner with the park and walk.


Horrible Histories

We were lucky enough to get tickets to the Horrible Histories Live on stage, The Best of Barmy Britain at Hampton Court Palace.

Horrible Histories is a British Sketch comedy television series, which is part of the children history franchise of the same name based on the books written by Terry Deary.  Our children watch the shows on CBBC and are mesmerised by the way the history is re told in a child friendly, gory, truthful and fun way.  We only wish it was taught to us in our history lessons, as we probably would have got a better mark!   Continue reading “Horrible Histories”