Sensible Susan

I adore my birthday.  I love my yearly binge drinking, mum dancing night with all my closest friends.  Everyone knows my night will always end with me spinning out, being sick, trying to eat a kebab and usually not being able to walk.  Very bad and not a good example but for one night of the year, I go for it.  (Sadly there is a lot of photographic evidence to support this).   Continue reading “Sensible Susan”

A walk down memory lane

For Our final blog of 2017 we are taking you back down memory lane, to take a look at what our favourite Blogs and Vlogs have been this year. Being new to all things technical, deciding to Blog and Vlog was one our most exciting yet daunting highlights of the year so far.   Continue reading “A walk down memory lane”

Baby it’s cold outside

The best thing about this time of year is wrapping up and feeling cosy.

Scarves, hats, jumpers, snoods, mittens and gloves.  We have different hats for dog walks, then nice days out attire and even cosy night in comforts and accessories. All the things to warm us up for those chilly months.

So  here are our top picks for the winter months. Continue reading “Baby it’s cold outside”

Be More Awesome than last year!

If it’s to drink less or lose weight, run a marathon or start a hobby; this is the time we start to think about what we want from next year.  Some people make plans, hopes and dreams, some people don’t make any at all.   Some people make them just to break them. What’s our New Year resolutions? Continue reading “Be More Awesome than last year!”

Life is a party…dress like it!

“Your dress should be tight enough to show you’re a woman and loose enough to show you’re a lady”

Tis the season to wear dresses.  With Christmas Parties galore and the time-consuming battle of looking for that perfect outfit, we have compiled a little list of our favourite Party dresses from the high street and online to give you some inspiration on how to WOW your work colleagues and friends. Continue reading “Life is a party…dress like it!”

Hugs before drugs

We recently read an article in Grazia titled ‘Can we please stop telling women how to give birth’.  We were instantly intrigued.  It was written by Maria Lally who talks about the why it took so long for The Royal College of Midwives to end its ‘natural Birth’ campaign and how the pressure of having a ‘natural birth’ has effected not only her but so many women in the UK.  This article touched a nerve with both of us as our labours were not what is considered ‘natural births’, but what is a natural birth? Continue reading “Hugs before drugs”

Putting the B into Big Mac!

If you know me and Charlotte you would know we love McDonalds, Charlotte especially is their number one fan.  With growing boys and husbands who all love to eat, between us we could probably start owning shares.  Everyone needs a McDonalds in their life, if it’s just to feed the family on a lazy day, devour a Big Mac on a hangover, or like me have a craving for Chicken nuggets when pregnant; it really has something for everyone.   So when we were asked if we would like to come along to McDonalds in Reading to hear all about their latest features and changes, how could we refuse?  Although would going behind the scenes potentially put us off ever going again?….nah!  To also be told we would be able to make our very own Big Mac, well this was life goals ticked off the bucket list.

Continue reading “Putting the B into Big Mac!”

Bargain Beauty Buys

Hi My name is Kim and I have expensive taste… there I said it! I have always believed that if something costs more, then its better.  Then I had kids and my bank balance was no loner the same. These days if I want something and I don’t want to spend the money myself it goes on my Christmas or birthday list (yes I may be 33 but your never too old for a letter to Santa). Anyway without going completely off topic; being someone who loves all things beauty; I have since been introduced to some bargain beauty buys.  I with the help of some bargain hunter friends have compiled a list of our top Bargain buys all within easy reach and without breaking the bank balance.

Continue reading “Bargain Beauty Buys”