A T- Rex at The Lexicon

If you had told me I would be going shopping with the husband, a toddler and a baby I would have laughed in your face. What crazy woman would do that? Well I did. We were invited to The Lexicon, in Bracknell to come and experience the dinosaur activities they’ve got on over the summer. Which meant entertainment for them and shopping time for me. I think we may have solved our shopping crisis.
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Mom-umental Spa Day

To celebrate mother’s Day, I was invited along with a few insta – pals to enjoy a relaxing break from our busy bee schedules, and take some time to ourselves trying out the MacDonald Berystede Hotel & Spa Mom-umental Spa Day– If you follow my Instagram you would have probably already seen some of the highlights aka spa spam of our special Day away from the kids. Continue reading “Mom-umental Spa Day”

Oops we did it again

It’s taken me exactly 26 weeks to finally put pen to paper or should I say a finger to keyboard and write about the fact we are expecting our second baby.  I actually had to say that out loud just to believe it myself. Falling pregnant with my first Theo I hugely took for granted, and the pregnancy itself I was massively naive about.  For me this whole process from the start has been such an eye opener.  Falling pregnant was the easy part which I feel so grateful that it was. We decided in July to stop being ‘careful’ and on 7th September in a Cumbrian hospital we were delivered the news we were PREGNANT! Continue reading “Oops we did it again”

Shh don’t tell anyone…

Kim and I were talking about online shopping.  A favourite hobby of ours.  IMG_8441As a mummies on a budget, who adores shopping and if we had millions, that would be our daily past time, we have to make sure our purchases are at the best price.  Happy bank, happy hubbies, happy girls.  Here are our top tips for some savvy shopping. Continue reading “Shh don’t tell anyone…”

Be More Awesome than last year!

If it’s to drink less or lose weight, run a marathon or start a hobby; this is the time we start to think about what we want from next year.  Some people make plans, hopes and dreams, some people don’t make any at all.   Some people make them just to break them. What’s our New Year resolutions? Continue reading “Be More Awesome than last year!”

Life is a party…dress like it!

“Your dress should be tight enough to show you’re a woman and loose enough to show you’re a lady”

Tis the season to wear dresses.  With Christmas Parties galore and the time-consuming battle of looking for that perfect outfit, we have compiled a little list of our favourite Party dresses from the high street and online to give you some inspiration on how to WOW your work colleagues and friends. Continue reading “Life is a party…dress like it!”

Hugs before drugs

We recently read an article in Grazia titled ‘Can we please stop telling women how to give birth’.  We were instantly intrigued.  It was written by Maria Lally who talks about the why it took so long for The Royal College of Midwives to end its ‘natural Birth’ campaign and how the pressure of having a ‘natural birth’ has effected not only her but so many women in the UK.  This article touched a nerve with both of us as our labours were not what is considered ‘natural births’, but what is a natural birth? Continue reading “Hugs before drugs”