Oops we did it again

It’s taken me exactly 26 weeks to finally put pen to paper or should I say a finger to keyboard and write about the fact we are expecting our second baby.  I actually had to say that out loud just to believe it myself. Falling pregnant with my first Theo I hugely took for granted, and the pregnancy itself I was massively naive about.  For me this whole process from the start has been such an eye opener.  Falling pregnant was the easy part which I feel so grateful that it was. We decided in July to stop being ‘careful’ and on 7th September in a Cumbrian hospital we were delivered the news we were PREGNANT! Continue reading “Oops we did it again”

“Halloweek” by The Ivy Brasserie Cobham

The Ivy Cobham brasserie  is one of our favourite local restaurants   We are spoilt having it on our door step and it is our go to restaurant not only for a date night, girls catch up but also with the children.

The Ivy is celebrating Halloween with a week of special menus, spooky cocktails and show-stopping Haunted House installation. Continue reading ““Halloweek” by The Ivy Brasserie Cobham”

Cheers Cheerz

We were recently gifted some Cheerz products of our choice.  This was very exciting as it was an opportunity to finally display some of the beautiful pictures we had taken on our Latte adventures.  We are used to just keeping photos on our devices or social media and we forget to print them off for everyone to enjoy.  We have made such magical memories this year and we could not wait to get started.   Continue reading “Cheers Cheerz”

The Only Way is…sun, sea and Daiquiri’s

It’s that time of year when everyone is deciding their summer holidays.  Do we stay in the UK or leave these shores?  For the past couple of years we have been holidaying in the UK.  We are seasoned UK holiday makers; from Wales to Devon, from Kent up to Inverness; you name it we have experienced it.  You can not guarantee the weather but you can be sure of activities to jam pack the week and a lungful of fresh air.  With children of various ages to entertain, potential airport chaos and often the dog, it seems easier to just to jump in the car, load up the boot and head for the hills. Continue reading “The Only Way is…sun, sea and Daiquiri’s”