Most Loved Beauty Picks

Out of both us Latte Mummies Charlotte is the fashionista, don’t get me wrong I love to shop, but I find shopping for clothes so stressful.  My body is forever changing depending if that week I have decided to eat a burger or not, and so for me my daily attire mainly consists gym clothes or comfort clothes, so when I shop I shop for makeup, skin care hair care, mainly anything that can keep me looking and feeling 20 years younger (wishful thinking). Continue reading “Most Loved Beauty Picks”

With Love From Dubai

dubai pic

Although being cabin crew takes me all over the world, being a mum as well as a jet setter can take its toll. Not every trip away do I go exploring, or do exciting things… yes I’m afraid what you see in movies and TV is quite far from the truth. Currently I am sat on a Grand Hyatt Hotel sun lounger  in Dubai, Sipping on my ice cold Grand Hyatt Hotel water bottle by one of the 4 pools, in 29 degree heat wearing…(That’s   right)…TROUSERS!! Continue reading “With Love From Dubai”