Shh don’t tell anyone…

Kim and I were talking about online shopping.  A favourite hobby of ours.  IMG_8441As a mummies on a budget, who adores shopping and if we had millions, that would be our daily past time, we have to make sure our purchases are at the best price.  Happy bank, happy hubbies, happy girls.  Here are our top tips for some savvy shopping. Continue reading “Shh don’t tell anyone…”

Baby it’s cold outside

The best thing about this time of year is wrapping up and feeling cosy.

Scarves, hats, jumpers, snoods, mittens and gloves.  We have different hats for dog walks, then nice days out attire and even cosy night in comforts and accessories. All the things to warm us up for those chilly months.

So  here are our top picks for the winter months. Continue reading “Baby it’s cold outside”

Life is a party…dress like it!

“Your dress should be tight enough to show you’re a woman and loose enough to show you’re a lady”

Tis the season to wear dresses.  With Christmas Parties galore and the time-consuming battle of looking for that perfect outfit, we have compiled a little list of our favourite Party dresses from the high street and online to give you some inspiration on how to WOW your work colleagues and friends. Continue reading “Life is a party…dress like it!”

Bargain Beauty Buys

Hi My name is Kim and I have expensive taste… there I said it! I have always believed that if something costs more, then its better.  Then I had kids and my bank balance was no loner the same. These days if I want something and I don’t want to spend the money myself it goes on my Christmas or birthday list (yes I may be 33 but your never too old for a letter to Santa). Anyway without going completely off topic; being someone who loves all things beauty; I have since been introduced to some bargain beauty buys.  I with the help of some bargain hunter friends have compiled a list of our top Bargain buys all within easy reach and without breaking the bank balance.

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Mums can do Festivals too

I’m Mum, but I’m also 32-year-old Kim. Just because I’m now a Mother doesn’t mean I have to stop doing all the things I used to enjoy right? Life is all about balance they say, which in reality is more difficult than it seems. After having Theo, James and I became, well…BORING! We had gone from the couple who would hop on a flight for a little weekend break in say New York, or decide over breakfast to live abroad for a year or just go down the pub with friends during the day because it was a Saturday, to now…. when the best part of our week is Saturday night curry and Game of Thrones. so we decided our New Years resolution for 2017 was to say yes to more things, and start remembering the fun people we used to be. So when I got offered the opportunity to go to one of the biggest festivals in the world how could I say No.
Mum’s can do festivals to right? Continue reading “Mums can do Festivals too”