Mothers Day at The Bentall Centre

My Mum is the most amazing Mum in the world (bias I know). She has taught me so much, bought me up and now is the most fantastic Nana to my son Theo.  So what do you possibly get the most important woman in your life? Flowers just don’t cut the mustard. Alcohol? Well you could be creating bad habits, chocolates? She will only moan your making her gain weight (eye roll). Continue reading “Mothers Day at The Bentall Centre”

Mom-umental Spa Day

To celebrate mother’s Day, I was invited along with a few insta – pals to enjoy a relaxing break from our busy bee schedules, and take some time to ourselves trying out the MacDonald Berystede Hotel & Spa Mom-umental Spa Day– If you follow my Instagram you would have probably already seen some of the highlights aka spa spam of our special Day away from the kids. Continue reading “Mom-umental Spa Day”

Oops we did it again

It’s taken me exactly 26 weeks to finally put pen to paper or should I say a finger to keyboard and write about the fact we are expecting our second baby.  I actually had to say that out loud just to believe it myself. Falling pregnant with my first Theo I hugely took for granted, and the pregnancy itself I was massively naive about.  For me this whole process from the start has been such an eye opener.  Falling pregnant was the easy part which I feel so grateful that it was. We decided in July to stop being ‘careful’ and on 7th September in a Cumbrian hospital we were delivered the news we were PREGNANT! Continue reading “Oops we did it again”

“Halloweek” by The Ivy Brasserie Cobham

The Ivy Cobham brasserie  is one of our favourite local restaurants   We are spoilt having it on our door step and it is our go to restaurant not only for a date night, girls catch up but also with the children.

The Ivy is celebrating Halloween with a week of special menus, spooky cocktails and show-stopping Haunted House installation. Continue reading ““Halloweek” by The Ivy Brasserie Cobham”

Cheers Cheerz

We were recently gifted some Cheerz products of our choice.  This was very exciting as it was an opportunity to finally display some of the beautiful pictures we had taken on our Latte adventures.  We are used to just keeping photos on our devices or social media and we forget to print them off for everyone to enjoy.  We have made such magical memories this year and we could not wait to get started.   Continue reading “Cheers Cheerz”

House by the sea?

“Everything you ever wanted, is sitting on the other side of fear.” George Addair.IMG_8327

Recently my husband and I have been thinking about the bigger picture.  Looking at our lives, how busy we are, working our bums off for this Surrey life and really is this the best life we can be living?    Being a builder, it has been his dream to build a home for us.  A perfect fantasy that he now wants to be a reality.

It is a great idea- in theory.  Lets move out of Surrey.  Get some land, build a home and have less bills.  Preferably by the sea and within 2 hours of London. We have scrolled through right move, plot finder, small holdings websites and nothing.  It seems this dream is pretty popular.

The big draw out is the money.  We could buy something outright, be mortgage free and I could cut my work down.  Days filled of dog walking, sea watching and a slower paced life.  My husband’s work life is crippling and seven days a week of manual work is starting to take its toll.

As promising as all of the above is, I have doubts in my mind that this is a bad move.

Don’t get me wrong, we have a wonderful life in Surrey.  We have fantastic friends and our family is close by.  I adore my job and our house.  We have worked relentlessy hard getting the house to the way it is.  We bought a dump and years of love and heavy graft has made a fantastic family home.

Inheritance. A thing I don’t want to think about but I know when we are gone, the boys will have financial security from the house.  Especially the way things are going these days, they’ll need all the help they can get.

Schools.  We are blissfully happy with the boys schools and the teen two years from GCSE’s, it seems stupid to move him when he is settled.

What if it all goes wrong?  A house provides security and what if we are left with nothing?  We started our property journey at a young 21 years young and three projects on, we are reaping the benefits.  Could all that be thrown away?

Our friends and family.  Will they visit?  We have been local to our friends forever.    Kim lives across the road, my mum in our road.  Best friends who pop round for quick cuppas and walks.  Everyone lives in Surrey and everything is so convenient.  We are members of the best rugby club and can I cope without weekly wine club?

The flip side is what if it does work?  We have a beautiful home, our life is slowed down, we can have more freedom with holidays and living life a bit more.  The famous quote of “Life is too short”, plays in my mind.  We would have quality days with our friends and family.  I could breathe the sea air daily and actually have time for myself. The husband is less stressed and he can have weekends OFF.  The children are settled and happy.IMG_9151

I don’t know what the answer is but if we don’t try… My husband continues to search daily and he knows only the perfect land/ dump/ shed thing will suffice.  So if anyone knows any land with planning for sale…

If reading this anyone has had similar journeys, please let me know.  In the meantime I’ll keep you updated on our mad idea that one day may be a reality.  Who knows what the future holds, but it is there for the taking if we are brave enough.