About us

Not another mum blog about how to parent…nope, this is not that.I am a mum going through the trials and tribulations of parenting.  I have decided to share the tips I have picked up along the way, log my adventures and mishaps and be brutally honest.  Being a mum is bloody hard.  I have a Toddler, a naughty pug, an oversensitive husband and an active baby bump (due in May). This blog is how I juggle family life, career, some kind of social life, dog, housework and everything else thats thrown at us mums. 


kim icon picI’m Kim……why is it when as soon as you have to write something about yourself your mind suddenly goes blank? I can tell you about my morning, my husband James and my 18-month old son Theo but me? its like all words suddenly run away. Let’s start from the beginning, I was born in 1984 which makes me (AHHHH IM GETTING OLD) years of age, I studied dance at university (mainly because I had no bloody idea what else to do and at the time hugging trees and rolling on the floor was considered dancing. James and I started courting (as my mum would call it) at college, then again at university, then again after I thought he was flirting with the waitress, then again after an operation to have his bunions removed then finally again when I moved home from New Zealand. Believe it or not we are still married. 

James sells Ferrari’s (and no we don’t have one) and I am a high-flying international air hostess, which you will come to realise isn’t quite the glamorous life-like in the old Pan Am days, I won’t say too much, you will just have to read our blog to discover more. We have a Pug called …. (wait for it) …. Doug, who has been apart of our family for 6 whole years. He snores loudly and eats everything and anything and all you need to do to keep him happy is take him for a walk and give him a cuddle (reminds me a little bit of my husband actually).

Finally, James and I are parents to Theodore (yes like the chipmunk) my now three year  old lion cub, he gets his fiery temper from me and his love of all food from daddy. Like most parents say about their kids, he is the best thing to happen to me but WOW he is hard work. he is an emotional roller coaster 90% of the time and the other 10% he is daddy’s boy (yep that’s right, I only carried him for 9 months, have stretch marks in places I didn’t know you could stretch and was literally cut open for him to be bought into this world) but yes he is all about daddy, I’m just his chef/waitress/bum wiper. I often think to myself daily if only I could tell people what I have done today and share my stories. Well this is me and I will be sharing all that chose to read.

Enjoy x