We recently read an article that said mothers spend an average of 17 minutes of ‘me time’ to themselves each day.  To be honest, that sounds too much in our households.  17 minutes would be a luxury.  So it got us thinking; how much time do you spend on yourself?

Hair and beauty appointments (if we remember to even book them) are made to fit in with the school run or husband/ grandparent/ neighbour availability.  Waxing by a person rather than good old  Veet seems like a distant memory and getting our nails done is now a completely different experience with the children in tow; mum guilt at its finest.

We got the opportunity to visit Brooklands Hotel and Spa which was exactly what we needed after a full on summer, back to work/ school madness and feeling like our feet haven’t touched the ground in months.  After a little help from grandparents and working around a husband’s work schedule; a date was in the diary.  The day was a “well done us” treat.  Something we never do, even though we always say to get something in the diary, rally the up girls but trying to find a weekend free of birthdays, sports and well just manic motherhood is impossible.

Then you have the infamous ‘mum guilt’.  Is it right that we take time away from our children to frankly indulge ourselves?  Leave the roast dinner to hubby, make sure the homework is done and shirts are ironed?  We took the leap.


On a very rainy 14th October 2018 we packed a day bag, jumped in the car and headed for the afternoon of being ‘us’.  We deserved it and mum guilt could do one.

With the hotel being built on the original Brooklands Motor racing track, located just across from Mercedes Benz world and the Brooklands Museum, it’s a transport fanatics’ dream.  The heritage is represented in the hotel giving it an extra special feel, the bar especially echoing the historic surroundings.

First on the agenda was lunch at the Brooklands Hotel’s award-winning restaurant, 1907 where we got to enjoy three courses of deliciousness.  After eating our body weight in food it was time to head to the spa; the part of the day we were most excited about.

The spa is situated on the 3rd floor and as soon as we walked in we were welcomed with our robes and slippers.  Heaven.  After a tour around the facilities and a little tipple we were ready for the main event – treatments.  One of us choose the divine body massage and the other the Caudalie facial; we couldn’t wait to compare notes after our 50 minutes.  Both treatments used Caudalie products, with the massage promising to leave the skin feeling soft, hydrated and shrouded in subtle floral fragrances and the facial promising to add freshness, luminosity to the skin.  Well all promises were kept, we felt incredible.  The massage was just amazing, an hour of pure relaxation, being transported who knows where and waking up in a different body.  The facial’s results were clearly visible with skin feeling fresh and cleansed.  Two very happy mums.

As well as a variety of facials and massages the Spa also offer a range of treatments such as wraps, manicure, pedicure, use of a sauna and steam room, mediation room with heated water beds (so good!), relaxation area, spa cafe and finally the hot tub situated on the balcony overlooking the Mercedes Benz world track.  Something for everyone.  The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing in the hot tub with a proseco in hand taking in the views.  As our day drew to a close, our last treat was the meditation room for our 20 minutes of relaxation aka power nap.  What a perfect way to ensure our bodies could not be anymore chilled, to be honest we have no idea how we even got home, possibly floated.

Us mummies were totally relaxed and our mission of taking some ‘us time’ well and truly fulfilled. We had such a wonderful afternoon eating, drinking, having a good catch up with no interruptions and having some ‘me time’.  The staff was on hand for anything we needed, super friendly and the spa was such a fantastic experience.  We walked around in robes and slippers feeling very special indeed.  Brooklands Hotel  is a fantastic venue for a spa day or even weekend away as it is somewhere a little different that covers all your needs in historic surroundings.

We may have gone over our 17 minutes but it was worth it.  The children had survived without us and we were met with gorgeous cuddles.  Lets get the next one in!

We were invited to Brooklands Hotel and Spa as a guest to sample their ‘Lazy Sunday’.  We wanted to share with you our time at the hotel.  Our views and opinions are our own.  Thank you Brooklands Hotel and Spa for having us.

The Only Way Is Latte


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