We were recently gifted some Cheerz products of our choice.  This was very exciting as it was an opportunity to finally display some of the beautiful pictures we had taken on our Latte adventures.  We are used to just keeping photos on our devices or social media and we forget to print them off for everyone to enjoy.  We have made such magical memories this year and we could not wait to get started.  

We immediately downloaded the Cheerz app to see what products they had to offer.  We were amazed by the choice, affordability and how easy it was creating personalised gifts.

Processed with VSCO with s3 presetThere were so many choices that you could personalise, from photo boxes, which are perfect for us as the quantity of photos we take.  A lovely, safe keepsake for all our adventures, to show the children when they are older.  box

Photo books and calendars;  an alternative way of displaying many photos as a special gift that again can be personalised.  We used a photo book with added messages from the children for the little one’s end of year gift for his teacher and she loved it.

You could also choose prints, magnets and finally wall decoration; which was our choice.  Now all we had to decide was what photos to choose…

It was simple to create our wall art on the app, you can use the website if you prefer, but for ease we went for the app.  All we had to do was pick the size and colour of frame, layout and finally the pictures.  It was easy to launch our photos through the app as well as using our social media.  Once we had chosen the pictures, all could be edited, filtered and resized.  Cheerz will let you know if the quality isn’t up to scratch, ensuring you have the best quality gift.

Once you are happy with the choices, you just add to cart and done.   Literally that was it.   At any point you can save for another day if undecided.

Once our order was placed, Cheerz kept us updated with our expected delivery time, 5 working days.  Two huge boxes were delivered and we could not wait to see our creations.  We opened them like children on Christmas morning; they were beautiful and exceeded all our expectations.  Thank you Cheerz for the opportunity to keep our wonderful memories.

If you would like to order any of the Cheerz products, you can get 20% off your order with our unique code TOWIL20, so have fun and get creative.


The Only way Is Latte

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