Recently I was invited along to Squirrels Nursery to join their morning. We were going to take part in one of their forest school activities; sheep sheering. We were delighted to be asked and jumped at the opportunity to go.

Squirrels Nursery is located in Stampwell Farm, Beaconsfield and has been awarded the first recognised forest school in Buckinghamshire. Being lovers of the outdoors ourselves, we were excited to see what the nursery had to offer. As we arrived, the children were already happily playing outside. I noticed a garden where the the children plant fruit and veg, look after the flowers and plants. There are animals such as hens, sheep and was even told they have a donkey. The forest itself is just a stones throw away where there is a wonderful opening to swings, climbing ropes and a seating area. It was lovely to hear that the children spend a lot of time here making dens, playing in the mud kitchen and sit down for lunch amongst the wilderness.

After recently looking at nurseries for Theo, what I loved was how much the nursery is outdoors; connecting to nature and learning about wildlife. Whilst we were there we took part in a sheep sheering activity. The children watched and were completely memorised, even I found it amazing. They were told about each stage of the wool becoming wooly garments and got to take part in some of the process.DSC01206DSC01205DSC01209DSC01196DSC01197DSC01195

I found it such a wonderful, unique nursery and highly recommend if you are local to Beaconsfield please go and visit, you won’t be disappointed.

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Thank you for having us Squirrels


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