It’s that time of year when everyone is deciding their summer holidays.  Do we stay in the UK or leave these shores?  For the past couple of years we have been holidaying in the UK.  We are seasoned UK holiday makers; from Wales to Devon, from Kent up to Inverness; you name it we have experienced it.  You can not guarantee the weather but you can be sure of activities to jam pack the week and a lungful of fresh air.  With children of various ages to entertain, potential airport chaos and often the dog, it seems easier to just to jump in the car, load up the boot and head for the hills.


We recently saw that Mark Warner holidays were looking for bloggers to be ambassadors and this made us think, could we venture in to the unknown?  Get on a plane, some actual sun and  most importantly cocktails?  We engrossed ourselves in their website, looking from sunshine to Ski shine.  


We started blogging not even a year ago, as we are both indepdant mummies who love adventure and days out with our children.  With two husbands that work  a lot , we have resorted to holidaying with each other.  Company for the children and appreciation of a good cocktail for us.  Instead of the traditional family holiday,  it’s more like ‘mums on tour’.  We want a holiday that can adapt to different families and combinations, we are not a 2 point 4 family looking for a holiday; we are mums wanting a break away, to enjoy some heat and eat some good food with our children.


Mark Warner was looking even more perfect for this scenario.  Not only would we be looked after every step of our holiday, but Mark Warner caters for families of all sizes with rooms to match, locations and activities for all our brood.  What really caught our eye were the activities.  As you know, we do a lot together; from bike rides to walks, to tennis.  The children are like siblings and when we go away, we have to cater for toddler to teenager.  It has to tick all the boxes. 

IMG_2480It is also not just about the children.  Us mums need a rest too and the option of children’s clubs and baby sitting means we could treat ourselves to a spa.  How amazing would it be to return from a holiday feeling like you’ve had a holiday rather than needing another week away?

Just being able to pack the flip flops and leave the wellies at home, wear shorts without even glancing at the waterproof trousers, sounds like heaven.  To be able to dip in the pool, chill on the sun lounger without the screams of cold children sounds ideal.  

Us mummies are experienced travellers, we have been lucky enough to travel the world and see some incredible locations, but travelling with kids is a whole new ball game…multiple balls.  To be honest, who doesn’t want a holiday with an option of some help.  We save all year round to have amazing experiences and create memories for the children, to have these hidden extras as back up is really appealing.    

On Mark Warner’s website, their new resort; The Phokaia Beach Resort in Turkey is something completely different to what we have experienced before.  Mixture of cycling, tennis and water sports set in a stunning location with the added magic of traditional Turkey.  That is one we have book marked!

We would love the opportunity to be a Mark Warner brand ambassador and experience a different type of holiday for us all.   It is a trusted brand with over 35 years experience in family holidays.  It gives us confidence that if we were to take the plunge and do a mums and children holiday, it would be the such an amazing experience and most important, memory.  Plus it’s an even better excuse to purchase a new sun hat!

Time to dust off the bikinis and get those milk bottle legs out!

The Only Way is Latte


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