‘To the world you are a Mother, but to your family you are the world.”

A day to celebrate Mothers, Mums, Mummies and Mamas, and why not celebrate by giving the perfect gift.  We  decided to put together a little list of gifts for you hint, wink or just leave out for this Mother’s day.


£45 JEM + BEA

This pretty clutch from JEM+BEA is perfect for storing those MaMa essentials and offers a little bit of luxury, which  can be used day to day or as an evening clutch.  Comes in other colours and can either say Mama or Baba. We Love the simplicity of them which is why its up first on gift list.


This is one for all the mothers that love a personalised gift.  This beautiful rose gold pendant is from our favourite Jewellery store Monica Vinader. The pendants come in many shapes and sizes and materials and you can chose to have it engraved or not.  The chains come seperate so make sure you don’t forget that when you purchase. A little pricier at £75 but worth it.

Gin, a mothers ruin they call it, but these days we call it “The Help”.  Combined with chocolates, what more could a mother ask for? (except Tom Hardy topless).

So if your mum is more the chocolates and Gin lover than jewellery then this one is your go to from Hotel Chocolat. 


Hush £45

“Love Saves The Day” Clothing is always a difficult one as its so personal but a top that says love on it…well you can’t go wrong.  We love this top; it’s bright like the daffodils of spring.   It’s a slogan which is very current and we LOVE what is says on the tin (or top).  This beauty from Hush will be going on our wish list.


Emma Bridgewater

You can never go wrong with Emma Bridgewater.  Her new season vases are a home must have.  This is our favourite one at £29.95.  You can also have them personalised for an extra cost.  Now we just need some flowers…


Marks and Spencer, Rosie for Autograph $35

Napping.  A favourite past time of us Lattes and beautiful new PJ’s are always on the list for Mother’s day.  These are from Marks and Spencer, Rosie for Autograph.  A touch of luxury and pure comfort.  Perfect for watching trashy TV with a tipple of our new gin.

Finally, you can never go wrong with an Afternoon tea.  Tea, fizz, sandwiches and cake all in one meal.  Perfection.  This doesn’t mean a trip out either, especially as hotels tend to quadruple there prices for Mothers day.  IMG_9268Home made Afternoon Tea with the family is very special and really what else do you need than to all be together for some quality time.

To sum up, we are envisioning afternoon tea, in our new top, with the necklace, clutch in hand, looking at our new blooms in our vase and after all that love and joy, bed time in our new pjs.  We’ll let you know how we get on.     

The Only Way Is Latte


One thought on “Mothers Day gift guide

  1. wanderlustandlifestyle says:

    Absolutely love this guide, I’ve got a similar one! Xx

    Karla | https://wanderlustandlifestyle.wordpress.com/2018/03/05/mothers-day-gift-guide/

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