I love my Job, I love the fact that every month I’m off somewhere new, I love to meet new people and see new things, but I often wonder is my time flying around the world coming to an end?I was 25 when I started at Virgin Atlantic, all fresh faced and eager.  I wanted to see and do everything I could from safaris in South Africa to parties in Las Vegas; in my eyes nothing was better.  Then Theo came along… gone are the winces at the sound of routine and gone are the eye rolls at a night in; these things are now the things I crave.  Not a boring life but a simple life.  The weekly striken guilt which comes with each time I pack my suitcase, the few days of chaos for little Theo of being ferried too and from from grandparents I often ask myself is it fair?


We recently had Theo’s 27 month check, where the health visitor mentioned that he shows signs of a little anxiety, just from what I have been telling her about him, I couldn’t help but wonder if this was my fault and the fact that his little routine gets thrown in the air three times a month because of my work.  Before having children I used to say that ‘When I have kids…” I won’t allow them to use an iPad at the dinner table (fail), or they wouldn’t sleep in our bed (fail) , etc… but I also said, very naively that having children wouldn’t change my life; I would fit them in around us, we would still do all the things we want.  For some families this can often be the case but for us, having children has changed everything but because we wanted it to.  I still want to see and do as much as I can but I want my family with me.DSC00453

When I was pregnant people often asked me if I would be returning to work, I would get hints of shock when I would say yes, then came the questions “How will you cope always leaving him?” “Who will look after him when you’re  away?” “You’re  going to be so far away, won’t that bother you?” The list goes on.  Everyone has an opinion about me being a mum and flying both good and bad and being honest I can relate to both.  Yes it’s  disruptive, yes it’s  hard to leave, yes I have to rely on a network of family and friends to help when I’m away and yes I miss him terribly, however on the same hand I think a little distance is good for parents and children.  A little me time is great for mummies and a ‘little’ discounted holiday every year is even better.

The best part to my job is the days at home it gives me, what other part time jobs do you only work 9 days a month?  Yes, I may go long distances and leave my family for a few days, but then the time I am at home is more than I could ever find in any other part time career.  Plus it also allows me to do something I’m passionate about at the same time, which is blogging. IMG_6392

So despite my own cons on being a flying mummy I’m not quite sure I’m ready to hang up my wings just yet, however I am willing to be the best mum I can be when Im at home, to reassure him that I’m always coming back to him and take him for some kick arse holidays as often as I can.

The Only Way Is Latte


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