Kim and I were talking about online shopping.  A favourite hobby of ours.  IMG_8441As a mummies on a budget, who adores shopping and if we had millions, that would be our daily past time, we have to make sure our purchases are at the best price.  Happy bank, happy hubbies, happy girls.  Here are our top tips for some savvy shopping.H&M

IMG_8444If you haven’t got the app, sign up.  On the app, you can log in and have all your details stored.  Then you can join their fantastic HM club.  For every pound you spend, you get points that can be used towards rewards and perks, all free.  It can also be used in store by scanning you membership card at the check out.

The rewards range from a percentage off certain clothe ranges or an item.  Deals when it’s your birthday, hence my order this month: I got 25% off on top of sale prices.  Money off vouchers, competitions, events and more.  Not all of it has to be online, you can redeem your rewards in store.  It can be used on women, men and children’s wear.  Well worth a sign up.


IMG_8443Again you need the app for this.  In your account, sign up for ASOS A List.  For every pound you spend, you earn 5 points.  For every 500 points, you get a five pound voucher.

As you gain points, you rise up the levels.  Each level you hit has added rewards and the rewards gets better the higher you go.  For example, percentage off birthday orders, again I maximised this!  I am currently on level two and on 3rd February have £10 to spend.  Last year I saved £5 on four orders.  you save 15% when its your birthday and get early notification of sales.

The brilliant thing about ASOS is it has so many brands.  The A List works on all of them, not just ASOS stuff and that is menswear included as well.


IMG_8445We adore our Boots card.  We have both had it forever and it really is the gift that keeps giving.  You earn 4 points per pound.  Boots always have mega points weekend or days where you can earn 1,000s of points when you do a big shop.  The app has tailored deals for you and you can use it at the check out in store.  Keep an eye on your emails as they keep you updated for big point days.

The best part about Boots, is the Parenting Club, which was vital when buying those baby necessities.  In the Parenting Club, it is 10 points for every pound.  Everyone needs a free pack of nappies every now and then.

Savvy shopping isn’t just abut the store cards and clubs its also about being organised. You may laugh at those people that buy their Christmas wrapping paper and cards on boxing day for next year but in fact these people are being smart. Why not apply the same shopping sense with clothing? Yes fashion changes, but its never gonna change that drastically that you won’t be wearing knitwear or oversized scarfs next year, so as soon season changes and stock up on all those sale pieces ready to wear for next year.

Another top tip is WRITE IT DOWN! There is nothing worse than coming home with all your new items and realising you have bought yet another stripy top (Yes, Charlotte thats aimed at you). If you go in not having any idea what your looking for your shopping trip will go two ways; you will either come home with loads of things you didn’t need or forgot you had or nothing at all (gasp) and who wants that? So plan ahead and think about what your shopping for.West-Hollywood-Shopping

If there are discounts to be had they are out there somewhere so spend a little time looking. Vouchercloud, Groupon and and myvouchercodes are just some of the websites that offer codes for online purchases. They don’t all work but sometimes you might get lucky. Even just asking friends on social media sites for student discounts etc. all make the difference. Another trick we remember hearing about was leaving things in your basket, especially for first time shoppers, sometimes the retailers reach out to you and offer special discounts. If you like something but wouldn’t pay full price, then apps such as Polyvore send you updates when items go on sale. (This is an American site so just watch out for any overseas charges).

IMG_8442With all these schemes, you obviously have to spend the money first to reap the rewards.   Limit yourself to a certain amount every few months to make sure all the deals are maximised and your buying at full price.  Being on a mummy budget is about juggling and a lot of the time clothes shopping is not a priority but when we do have a few spare pennies, we feel a lot better knowing we have been a savvy shopper.

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