For Our final blog of 2017 we are taking you back down memory lane, to take a look at what our favourite Blogs and Vlogs have been this year. Being new to all things technical, deciding to Blog and Vlog was one our most exciting yet daunting highlights of the year so far.  So obviously one of our favourite blogs of the year has got to be the first.  Accurately titled  “We Popped Our Cherry”; this blog talks about the idea behind The Only Way Is Latte, how we got the name and the day we decided to take the plunge and hit POST. We even shared with you the chaos surrounding us whilst we try and piece together the world of computers and websites. They say you never forget your first right? Well that speaks true even if it is about blogs.

profile pic latte 2

Speaking of firsts, our next favourite quite naturally is our first Vlog.  If there was ever a moment to watch something through open fingers this was it.  Never having been in front of the camera, this was completely new territory for us Latte mummies and boy did we cringe.  The fact that we even did it was remarkable.  Filmed on our iPhones and the majority of the video not even in the right format; you can’t say we didn’t try.  We look back and see just how amateur it was, but everybody has to start somewhere. We hope we have got better over the months, however there is still so much to learn about the vlogging world.  This is also one of our favourites as it was actually our first mini break away just the two of us with the children, and we had the best time.

Our next favourite Blog of 2017 has to be our bargain beauty buys.  This one was also a winner with our readers, it seems you all love a bargain as much as we do.  With a love of beauty and fashion; we had great fun putting together a list of our top beauty products all from the high street and all without breaking the bank balance.  We have added a few more to that list so watch this space for more bargains.


Another of our favourite vlogs is our Pink Party video.  Having signed up to participate in the Big Pink for breast cancer, we decided to throw a party to raise money for this amazing charity, being that it is something close to both our hearts.  Not only did we throw a party with all things pink, everyday of October we posted a pink picture to grow awareness.  We were so proud of the fact that we managed to raise nearly £300. We just had to film the party to share it with you all.

Our final favourite of 2017 is our Wellies and Winter Coats Vlog. We had literally spent the entire weekend together and proudly came up with a family name that combined both our surnames together… The Hodgers! Walks, lunches and rugby; we enjoyed the winter sun and spending the time together.  We often joke about how we should all buy one big house and all live together and this particular weekend felt like we had done just that.  We hope we have many weekends just like this one in 2018 and lots more adventures we can share with you all.

We hope you have enjoyed watching and reading all about our adventures this year and we hope you stick around with us to see what we have in store for you.

See you in 2018, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

The Only Way Is Latte


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