If it’s to drink less or lose weight, run a marathon or start a hobby; this is the time we start to think about what we want from next year.  Some people make plans, hopes and dreams, some people don’t make any at all.   Some people make them just to break them. What’s our New Year resolutions?

Before we start to think about 2018 we want to reflect on 2017.

This year we decided to Blog, Vlog and basically share our entire lives with hundreds of strangers.  It was such a random decision to make and yet so right.  We can safely say it has been one of the highlights of 2017.  Not only have we learnt a lot about ourselves, but how our families work and ultimately how well we work as a team.  We are literally the same person and don’t know how we would get through the day without our voice notes or millions of texts.  Next year, we are going for world domination!

This year has also highlighted how much more time we need to allocate to us.  Both of us work, juggle home life and basically keep the family train going.  We are very guilty of not stepping back to breathe.  It usually is not until we are at breaking point that we shout for help.  Something we really must bring forward to next year.

2017 has had lots of changes for our hubby’s work lives which impacts not only the family financially but making sure they are the best they can be through it.  We have definitely been the supportive wives this year.


2017 has been brilliant for so many reasons that we would be here all day.  The kids have made everyday for us; if that may be pulling our hair out to us just being in total awe of them.  They surprise us daily and that is another thing we can not wait to see in 2018.

Another achievement was our 10K run.  It just shows, if we put our mind to something, we can achieve it.  That was a great Latte team moment!

Now what do we want from 2018?  All the usually stuff, happy healthy and maybe a lottery win.  We also want to keep blogging.  It is really exciting all the opportunities being a Latte girl has brought us, all the amazing people we have met and how one day we hope to take a nice picture!

We are also going to run a half marathon.  It is in writing so it is going to happen…

As previously said, us mums are going to take time for us.  This year was tough on so many levels, but we have got through the other side, stronger and more determined.

Not buy as many clothes?  Nah.

Next year is a big step for the older boys.  Transition into year 10 and the little one will be starting junior school, which means a school change.  Hoping both goes well and if not we will ride that wave.

More roasts cooked by Latte hubby, again its in writing so we will see you every Sunday.

We are going to go on a big family holiday.  We have talked about it for years, and now the boys are all of good ages, we need to do it.


Try for a baby…

We are excited for 2018 and can’t wait to share what we get up to with you.  The good, the bad and most definitely the ugly.  Bring it on!

The Only Way Is Latte



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