The day the teen found out about Father Christmas.

As a firm believer in magic, fairies and all things my husband shakes his head at; I remember it so clearly.


We managed to keep ‘it’ going until he was 10 years old and one evening before bed he said his friends had told him about Father Christmas.  He said he had been thinking it over and he thinks his friends are right.  He even said he had known for a little while.  Gulp, here we go…

How should I respond?  Different thoughts were running through my head.  Do I carry on and think of more theories to cover this up or come clean?  Next year he will be at secondary school and this was a huge factor in my decision.  Rocking up in year 7 still believing could be asking for trouble.


I told the truth.  We both cried.  He cried for the loss of something he had believed in for so long was suddenly gone.  The realisation that actually his friends were right.  I felt awful and I know he was hoping it was not true.  It was a very sad moment.  We talked about even though he now knows, the magic still exists and even I still believe.  Christmas is a special time and even though that detail is not what he thought, everything else is still the same.  Especially as his younger brother was only four at the time and he had many years left of Father Christmas.  He then asked about the tooth fairy, Easter bunny… but that’s another blog!

I worried that Christmas’s would now be different and some of the sparkle lost but true to his word he kept on ‘believing’.  It was as if nothing had been revealed and each year on, it is still as special as when he was little.


Three years since the revelation and the little one has no idea.  We still visit the big man with the teen in tow; he tells him what he wants for Christmas, writes his letter, lays his stocking and sack out.  The teen is now instrumental in making the Christmas magic come alive and I think he almost enjoys it more.  He is now able to bring so much joy to the little one and that is priceless.  It’s all about the giving.

Even though the truth is out there, nothing has really changed.  I feel grateful we had ten wonderful years, as sadly some children do not even get close.  Some people think the idea of Father Christmas is just one big lie but I disagree, yes he may not be real but the happiness the idea brings is worth it.

The best part was how grateful the teen was once he had processed the life changing night.  He appreciated everything that we had done year on year.  “All that was you?”.  That’s the Christmas spirit.

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