All I want for Christmas is you…or a Mulberry Bayswater.  

We admit freely that us latte girls are really hard to buy for.  So each year we provide our dearest husbands with a list; sometimes visual and once even in a poster format on the fridge, just to ease the pain of present searching.  But will they use this invaluable tool, hell no! They enjoys the gamble of “off list” and even plot together on out “off list” they can get. Therefore all our Boxing days have been spent returning our lovely but not quite right presents and us exchanging them for items from our lists. The thought does count and sometimes we are pleasantly surprised but generally it ends in disaster.

So this year, our darling husbands, we are blogging you a Christmas list for inspiration.

Charlotte’s List:

The 2018 diary

IMG_6771This diary is not just beautiful but inspirational.  It comes armed with motivational quotes, cues to jot down ideas and track your wellbeing.  You can have it personalised and choose from two stylish colours.  Head to Three Six Five for all their stunning products.

The trainers
As you’ve seen, I am never without trainers.  My go to for any occasion and outfit.  My teen is now the same size as me and I can borrow his too!  He is however not allowed to use my precious babies.  This pair is practical and so stylish.  I am a sucker for leopard print and these are perfect.  Just enough not to be over whelming.  I can’t wait to pair these with my black skinny jeans and big jumper for a night down the pub.  I found these on ASOS, but you can find them at other retail outlets.


The dress


The beauty of having my birthday three weeks after Christmas, is I can request my birthday outfit.  This one really caught my eye from Topshop.  I love a floaty number and this one ticks all the boxes.  Shaped at waist, big sleeves and open back for some added magic.  Perfect for a meal and boogie with the girls.

The electrical item     


Recently, the other half of latte got her hair done with GHD tongs.  Who knew GHD made those as well?  Sadly my 20-year-old tongs are on their last legs and as I am getting more confident with styling my hair, I feel I need the correct tools for the job.  If recommendations are to go by, these are amazing.  Quick and easy to use plus great results.  These are from John Lewis, but again most electrical outlets stock them.

The wild card
As much as I would like to wake up on Christmas morning and open my present to find a Chanel handbag, I know that will never happen.  Christmas is about the children and my final item on my list is membership to the V&A in London.  With the membership, you can take up to 4 children under 18 years of age free.  My teen is studying textiles GCSE and is becoming fascinated in that world.  We have often visited the V&A with both the boys and there is always so much to do and see.  Exhibitions that range from fashion to Winnie the Pooh.  It’s a wonderful place and inspiring for all the family.  IMG_6776

Kim’s List:

The Scarf

I love a scarf, I don’t own many as I tend to stick to my go to ones but when I saw this gorgeous cashmere one from House of LBD, I knew I had to have it.  It’s not Just any cashmere scarf though this one is personalised.  They even do mini versions for your little people.

The Age Assisting one


We All know I love a beauty product especially Elemis.  My mum always used to say ‘Prevention is better than cure’ and I’m definitely one for prevention. anything I can do now means less money I need to spend later on. Anything that promises to reduce wrinkles in 14 days is a winner in my book.

Active Wear

sb2507_blackI pay a silly amount to attend my local David Lloyd in the hope one day I can look like a Victoria Secret model. For the last year however I have been attending my David Lloyd, in all my fashionable “Active Wear” along with my ‘free’ Dog Charity bag I got when travelling around Thailand, which proudly displays a picture of a cartoon dog and the words “Time For Lime” (The Lanta Animal Welfare slogan). So I am asking Santa to treat me to a new gym bag, and this Sweaty Betty one is one of my favorites.

The Expensive One


I was unsure if I wanted a GoPro but on a recent work trip a colleague of mine was showing me footage and pictures he had taken on his and I instantly knew I had to have one,  not only for us to make some exciting videos but also to capture special moments of the things we do as a family.  Plus I have always thought people who own one of these seem to have an air of coolness about them.  So I’m hoping Santa thinks I have been good enough to deserve them…fingers crossed.

The Only Way Is Latte


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