If you know me and Charlotte you would know we love McDonalds, Charlotte especially is their number one fan.  With growing boys and husbands who all love to eat, between us we could probably start owning shares.  Everyone needs a McDonalds in their life, if it’s just to feed the family on a lazy day, devour a Big Mac on a hangover, or like me have a craving for Chicken nuggets when pregnant; it really has something for everyone.   So when we were asked if we would like to come along to McDonalds in Reading to hear all about their latest features and changes, how could we refuse?  Although would going behind the scenes potentially put us off ever going again?….nah!  To also be told we would be able to make our very own Big Mac, well this was life goals ticked off the bucket list.

Unfortunately, due to work commitments Charlotte couldn’t come along, so off I went just little old me, hoping that I could make and eat Charlotte’s burger on her behalf.  I, along with some other local bloggers were met by the team at Red consultancy and the branch manager Richard to go through all the changes that had been made and to show us around the newly refurbished McDonalds.

So Whats New?

Self Serving Kiosks and Tablets

Well to start with as soon as you walk in you will notice the self service Kiosks. We are well and truly in a digital age and McDonalds have taken that on board. The Self Service kiosks are a quick and easy way to make your order, you can take things off and add things on so if you want to order a bag of fruit for your little one instead of a portion of fries you can. You can also change the language and even adjust the height so short arses like me can order too. Another brilliant feature is with the McDonald’s App you can order food wherever and whenever you want at your own pace without queuing.

In addition to the digital experience, McDonald’s also have tablets, which are located on some of the seating areas along with charging stations. The tablets are a fab idea, if you have children who get easily bored and need constant entertaining, these are a little lifeline for you to be able to enjoy your burger in peace. On both the tablets and kiosks they also offer all the nutritional information for any dietary requirements or just fussy eaters.


Table Service

One thing I immediately noticed that was new was that the restaurant was sectioned into zones. Once you have ordered you can choose to have your meal delivered to your table. You simply have to enter the zone you will be seated and the staff do the rest. They also bring along any condiments, napkins and straws. We all know as parents how hard it is to push a buggy, carry children, nappy bags, purse, coats, toys basically everything, then throw in trying to hold a tray of food…well it only ever ends in disaster. This new feature is perfect for families.

Putting the Big into my Mac

Finally it was the part I was most excited about; we were taken behind the scenes which is an area I haven’t visited since my 10h birthday party. The memories of enjoying my happy meal with Ronald McDonald came flooding back.

We were given our uniform, which we obviously had to take about a million selfies in. How often do you wear a McDonalds branded apron, hairnet, cap and name badge? Then we were taken into the kitchen where we experienced first hand exactly what happens as soon as your have placed your order. I’m not going to lie, I used to have my concerns about the food and the delivery but I was pleasantly surprised. All the food is made to order, but that doesn’t mean long waits. The food is fresh and the meat is 100% British. We got to try one of their signature burgers which take 5 minutes to cook (no flipping involved) and they taste like a gourmet burger. Everything in the kitchen was clean tidy and in order, to ensure the production line worked effortlessly (if only my kitchen worked in the same way, dinners would never be the same again).

At last it was my turn to give it a try, first thing first, we had to toast our buns (we all love a toasty bun right?) even I couldn’t get this wrong. It clearly told me what bun went where (simple). Whilst my buns were toasting (sorry, I can’t help it) I grabbed my Big Mac box ready to start assembling. Buns, McDonalds famous burger sauce next, lettuce , onions, gherkins, cheese then the burgers and voila…you have yourself a Big Mac!


I had an absolute blast with the team at McDonalds in Reading. The staff were passionate about the changes and it was so nice to see that they really have thought of everything. I’m going to be a little disappointed that the next time I visit a McDonalds I won’t be able to make my burger myself. I was reassured that the ingredients going into mine and my child’s food was of the highest standard, quality, fresh and was made with care and precision. I look forward to visiting again soon.


To find out more information for yourself please head over to their website.

Thank you for reading.

The Only Way Is Latte

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post with McDonalds and all content is my own opinion.

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