Hi My name is Kim and I have expensive taste… there I said it! I have always believed that if something costs more, then its better.  Then I had kids and my bank balance was no loner the same. These days if I want something and I don’t want to spend the money myself it goes on my Christmas or birthday list (yes I may be 33 but your never too old for a letter to Santa). Anyway without going completely off topic; being someone who loves all things beauty; I have since been introduced to some bargain beauty buys.  I with the help of some bargain hunter friends have compiled a list of our top Bargain buys all within easy reach and without breaking the bank balance.

So let’s get started…….

  • Remember in my previous beauty blog I spoke about the amazing Bobbie Brown cleansing oil that melts away makeup?  Well the good People at Simple have created their own version.  It works in the same way, dissolves away makeup without the greasy aftermath and a fraction of the price.  For 125ml you can pick this up from any Boots or Superdrug for around  £3.99  (shock face emoji inserted here)SIMPLE
  • This next choice has got to be my best find yet – No ladies I haven’t suddenly started thinking that you all need to shave, in fact I am telling you about this product as an alternative use for a primer.  Here me out… being in an industry where there are lots of girls we all share tips and tricks when it comes to everything beauty.  Believe me this product is as good as a lot of the primers out there if not better.  It closes pores, reduces redness and is just the slightest bit tacky to touch which helps the makeup stick better as opposed to the silky primers.  Retails at just £2.63, so if you try it and don’t like it you can just give it to your man.2057893
  • Who doesn’t want soft baby bottom skin?  Palmers coco butter is your go to.  The big bottles last a life time and it doesn’t just smell delicious but its amazing.  You can pick it up from most highstrret stores and it cost on an average about £3.75 for 250ml bottle.  I have used this for years and still can’t get enough.  My skin absorbs it and leaves it feeling soft and moisturised all day.resized_460x600.jpg
  • One for the Hair now and this was recommended to me and since then have given it a whirl and so far so good.  As you know my hair has been highlighted and coloured and curled and straightened and tends to look a little sorry for itself.  I love a hair treatment and once a week I use my Kerastase Masque hair treatment, but at £36 a tub I like to make it last as long as possible.  So in-between washing and hair treatments I use this.  I use on towel dry hair and before -drying then sometimes I use it just during the day if I have been a little windswept or if my hair is feeling a little dry, I give it a little mist over to keep it hydrated.  We all know coconut water is good for us and this in particular is great for giving our hair a little rejuvenation and shine.

    coconut water

    Averages at £6.99 a bottles.

  • So technically this isn’t a bargain but I am telling you about it anyway.  The body Shop drops of youth is the only way to describe as magic in a bottle.  Its body shop own brand and is a serum which I use daily, mainly before bed.  It smooths, freshens and basically helps my skin look healthier.  I have actually not used it the last few weeks due to the fact I have bought myself some other skin products that I wanted to try and I noticed the difference as soon as I stopped.  It can be bought from any Body Shop store and although not technically a bargain at £18, The body shop do always have loads of offers on especially if your first time shoppers there so you can pick up for much cheaper.drops-of-youth-
  • I have only recently found this product and I have to say I am loving it! PIXI Glow Tonic is a toner to be used after your usual cleanser, it’s gentle on the skin, alcohol free and leaves the skin looking and feeling healthier.  Use simply by applying it to a cotton pad and sweep over the face and neck.  This product has been such a hit I do belive its one of Marks and Spencer’s best selling products.  It can be found in stores at M&S and online at various beauty sites and is only about £18.00pix001_pixi_glowtonic_1560x1960-5cvhw
  • So I found this completely by accident. A friend from work loves the backcombed hair look for up dos, down dos, basically any type of do.  She told me a story about how one evening her hair was so backcombed and knotted she couldn’t even get a brush through it.  So she used her children’s ‘no more tangles conditioner’ spray and said her hair came out brand new.  Since then me and half the girls I work with now use it and I honestly can’t stress enough how brilliant it is.  I have a travel size one which I take on my trips and works miracles. Who knew?



  • Being that I don’t get out much these days when I do I like to make an effort.  I have never been one for the fake eye lashes look, mainly cause I am completely kak handed trying to apply them.  I eventually manage to get them on but not without performing some contortion tricks.  Anyway, being that I may only wear eyelashes once a month if that, I refuse to spend a fortune on them. I mean you wear them and throw them away anyway cause if your anything like me mine get stuck to my cheek by the end of the night or on my kebab I have picked up.  So I buy my eyelashes as cheap as possible.  Even though these may be cheap I have to say I recently wore some Mac ones and I found the primark ones better.  I use the ‘sultry’ lashes but they also do natural, volume, dramatic, intense and define and the best part of it is they are only a quid. Happy Shopping Ladies or gentleman if you like that kind of thing.


    £1 Primark

  • finally for my last bargain buy I am introducing you to Maybelne Fit Me Concealar, again being someone who loves expensive things for years I was using the Nars radiant creamy concealar which retails at about £24.00 then I discovered this beauty.  When I say it’s a Nars dupe I mean it, the same creamy constancy, brilliant coverage and only difference is the price.  This baby is only £5.99 and you can buy it from most high street stores.521278_xlarge_3

I hope you have enjoyed reading about our top bargain beauty buys, if you have any questions please comment and don’t forget to subscribe to keep up to date with all our blogs.

Happy Shopping!!


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