We recently were invited to attend a swimming class at Leatherhead leisure centre ran by Fusion Swim School who are apart of Fusion Lifestyle.  Fusion Lifestyle are a highly experienced sports and leisure management organisation which works with local councils, schools and colleges; which means local facilities and reasonable prices.  All the instructors are fully competent and qualified.

Theo and I have been attending swimming classes since he was 8 weeks old (early I know), but I was always a confident swimmer and it was important to me that Theo grows up feeling completely at ease in the water.  Being a family that love to travel and having a pool of our own at Nana’s house, I want to know Theo is safe and has basic life saving skills.  So when we were asked if we wanted to write a review about our recent swimming class with Fusion Swim School, I jumped at the chance.  I was intrigued to see how it may differ from the classes we have attended before.

Our lesson took place at Leatherhead Leisure centre in Surrey.  It is easy to get to and there were lots of available parking.  The changing rooms were spacious and clean and there were enough showers for all.  We put on our cosie’s and headed to the pool, not without being sprayed by the pool entrance showers.LLC

There were two pools: the adult pool and the children’s pool.  Theo enjoyed the fact he was able to touch the floor in the children’s pool which made the swimming lesson a little more challenging due to the fact that he would rather walk than swim.  After some negotiation, which mainly consisted of bribery and the promise of chocolate, Theo finally obliged to take part in the “swimming” lesson.

Julie was our instructor for the hour.  She sung lots of songs with us, played games and took part in fun swimming exercises which all the children in the class enjoyed.  The little ones jumped into the water from the pool edge and would then swim to the other side.  Theo was a little nervous to begin with, but the more we did the more his confidence grew.  We also got the children to swim through hoops and swim with floats  to encourage them to kick their legs.  We played games where we would throw toys in front of them and reach for the toy, to get them using both their arms and legs.  We did an exercise where we got flying saucers and placed them in the water and blew bubbles to move them around.  This was to get them used to having their faces in the water.  The class was filled with lots of fun activities, all brilliant for the little ones to gain confidence in the water.  The children were shown the correct way to get out of the pool and even to hold onto the side, which are little things we as adults take for granted.

As the class went on Theo started to get more and more tired which meant it became less about the swimming and more about the walking in the pool or just wanting to play with the toys.  Having a son who loves the water we have regularly attended swimming classes locally so I was interested in attending a new class to see how it compared to our current classes.  One noticeable difference I noticed in this particular class was the instructor Julie didn’t come in the pool which I found unusual, as ones we have attended before the instructors are in with us.  If I am being honest and truthful I much prefer when the instructors are in with us as I feel they can see properly and really participate with the group, however Julie was still able to correct when needed.


Overall, we enjoyed the day; the facilities were brilliant and the class was very enjoyable.  Like all these things, its important to me as a mother to try to do these things together, this was not only a chance for Theo and I to spend the time together but also to help Theo become more confident in the water and for me as a mother to become more reassured being with him and learning new skills. Most of all the best part of the class was not only the pool itself, the fun and energetic class or the great price tag that goes along with it but the fact I had a very tired toddler on my hands and after a quick snack Theo was fast asleep before we were even half way home.

If you would like more information and to find your local Fusion Lifestyle centre and class please visit The Fusion Swim School website.


I was given a complimentary Fusion Swim lesson in return for an honest review, everything I have written is my own opinion and written truthfully and honestly.

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