I LOVE SHOPPING.  I love everything about it.  The preparation of getting a baby sitter or if you have to bring the kids, the big ‘this is mum time’ talk, there will be no treats unless mum gets what she needs.  

The hunt.  Leisurely if alone, quick and purposeful with children.

The reward of finding that special something (or the frustration of finding nothing).  This is all part of the emotional attachment to shopping.

To ease the pain of a wasted trip and making the most of after bed time silence, I mostly online shop.  Yes you can’t try bits on, but with the beauty of  fast delivery and free returns, I over order and send back what I don’t need.

I have started to expand my wardrobe for Autumn/ Winter and I have picked out my five hot picks from different shops on the high street.  (Although, on this one I have added  the most beautiful Halloween costume, so technically 7 pieces…). Starting with my absolute favourite and go to brand, H&M.  I adore this shop.  I understand the sizes, how they fit my body and it is reasonable.  The clothes last, it doesn’t cost me a fortune and it is current.  I hope you enjoy!

FullSizeRender 5

Printed Top £12.99


Leather Ankle Boots £119.99


Chiffon Dress £29.99



Halloween Jumpsuit £19.99

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