We have been waiting for this one for a while.  We are massive fans of the beautiful Medicine Garden in Cobham, Surrey.  It is a restored Victorian hothouse, set within picturesque grounds, a handy playground and chickens (the kids love them!).

It is like a mini village of boutique shops, a place to be pampered or learn a new skill,  a cafe and now the re opened restaurant, The Pickled Lemon.

With husbands and children in tow we set off for breakfast.  It actually was a “working” breakfast for us Latte girls and with the use of the Medicine Garden’s free wi-fi, we all sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine.  The children had the freedom to explore safely and the hubbies chatted away accompanied by many flat whites.  That’s what one morning with the family does to them!

The Pickled Lemon restaurant is table service and has a great selection for breakfast.  From full English, poached eggs and avocado to pancake stacks.  There was something for all of us.  Very disappointedly, as amazing at the breakfasts all looked, not one of our poached eggs were running.  A real let down as everything was great.    There are also children friendly options and drinks.

The pricing was on the higher end of a breakfast, but it delivered.  The staff very friendly and helpful.

After breakfast we sat on the grassed area for more coffee while the children stretched their legs in the playground.  There is so much space for them and a chance for the adults to relax knowing the children are contained.  Even with the car park all, it never seems over crowded.  After our chat with the chickens it was time to go.  A lovely morning spent together, with both parents and children very happy.  The Medicine Garden is always winner!

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