When I was asked if I wanted to trial a months membership with Busylizzy, I jumped at the chance. a Month of toddler classes I could choose from, daily entertainment and an opportunity for me to try new things with him. I immediately went onto their website and perused the large variety of classes available for both babies and toddlers. Before I start rambling on about what we did however lets give you a little information about them.
So BusyLizzy are a local, family friendly club that offers classes, talks and events from pregnancy to tots. They have venues all around the UK including Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and Greater London. They are a club that run classes for parents by parents.

As we Live in Surrey, our local club was Woking, the classes were in venues easy to get to with access to parking close by. Being as this was our opportunity to find out more about the classes BusyLizzy offered we decided to trial as many different ones as we could, all being dates and times fitted in with our day to day life and me working. I had 8 tokens to use so wanted to use them wisely. There is an app to download which makes booking classes and looking at the class schedules just that bit easier. I was so surprised by the amount of classes available firstly, there was pretty much everything your fussy tots could want and even some classes just for us. Where to start? This was where I wished I a) was less indecisive and b) had more time so I could try them all. I decided to bite the bullet and book my first class for me ( I mean I deserve it right?) Mummy and me bootcamp was the lucky number one class to be chosen, but unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be, the day before it was cancelled. However it gave me plenty of time to book in a last minute class, which was an art class. Now just to paint you a picture (excuse the punn) my husband had decided to take the day off and join us in our day activities, (which was a lovely idea but when both parents are around things always go slightly slower, never understand why but thats a whole new blog topic in itself), anyway I had a very over tired toddler and very tired Mummy and Daddy who hd been running around like headless chickens to get to the class on time, lets just say i was a little bit cofufulled before i even started so had no time to notice the fact I had booked onto a Baby Picassos class, emphasis being on BABY, clearly I have no baby. Theo is well and truly a toddler. So imagine my surprise when i walk into a room to see little ones crawling around dressed in vests ready for some hand and feet painting. I was here, toddler in tow, going to do the class no matter how much Theo didn’t want to. It started off well, fruits and veg to use as paintbrush alternatives, glitter, tissue paper, glue, stick on eyes, I’m not sure who was having more enjoyment me or Theo. However it was short lived, Theo quickly lost patience and was no longer in the mood. All the other babies still very much enjoying the sensation of paint on their feet and hands, seeing the colours on the paper and feeling the different textures. Theo however was not. at the end of the 40 minute class we did come away with a pretty butterfly and slightly odd looking caterpillar which I have to say took my blood, sweat and tears to achieve.

I would like to say I decided to attend this class just to be able to tell you about the baby classes they offer but that would be a big fat lie. However I can now share with you that this class if I had  a baby would have been wonderful. Their littles senses in overload and a rare opportunity for them to get messy (except if they are weening).

The next class we chose was Mini dancers, A dance and movement class which promised to be fun energetic, to include music, singing and learning games for our mini tots. It did not disappoint. Theo loved this class after every song and dance he wanted more, He tapped his foot when told to tap, he clapped his hands when told to clap, we pointed our toes, we turned around (thats what its all about…ohhhhh the okey cokey). He hopped, skipped and jumped around the room, learning colours and counting as he went. This class had truly been a success. Yes we may have had the odd hiccup of Theo thinking all the pom poms were his and all the music rattles were his (we are going through the ‘Mine’ phase) but all in all it was a successful class. I came out believing I had a Billy Elliott in the making. I had found a good thing, I was most definitely booking this class again for the following week.

Until then however we had a couple more classes to try, the next on our schedule was Mummy and Me Bootcamp, one I wanted to try from the beginning. This was class more for me. a Little midweek exercise class, to try get my wobbly bits, not so wobbly. I was dubious about this one I’m not going to lie. The write up about this class online specifically told me to bring, layers, water and my baby or little  one in a buggy… A Buggy? Theo is 2 going on 22, my Mr independent won’t go in a buggy, highchair or any other restricting equipment. I new I had to be prepared, I had snacks, toys and about a weeks worth of Raa Raa the Noisy Lion downloaded. Surely I can get through an hours bootcamp? The whether was not in my favour, in the nicest way possible it was pissing it down, Theo as predicted did not want to sit in his buggy which made lunging down the footpath and a toddler hanging onto your back leg far more difficult. The boot camp was held at Woking park which wasn’t far from me at all, we managed to place ourselves under the bandstand to hide from the rain, all other children and babies playing nicely. we did a mixture of boxing exercises and weights with bursts of cardio in-between. Theo stuck to my side the entire time, he would run when i ran and held onto me when i would squat. My workout was definitely harder because of this but he was happy so therefore i was happy. After about 45 minutes once all the snacks had gone, he started to get impatient, the rain still hammering on us, we were wet cold and fed up. If i were on my own i would have coped a lot better but when your toddler is a ticking time bomb i knew i only had seconds to defuse him. At the end of the class i definitely felt i had had a good workout, not that i could tell which was sweat and which was rain but i was huffing and puffing like the wolf from ‘The three little pigs’ so thats always a good sign. If i was to give an honest opinion of this class I would say it was enjoyable and definitely a good workout. Whatever fitness ability you have you would still gain a lot from it as it was all done on you and your own strength and stamina, BUT I would have relaxed during this class more if Theo was either that little but younger that he would happily sit in his buggy or that little bit older that he could amuse himself. For Theo all he wants is to explore, not sit in a buggy in the cold wet outdoors watching mummy jump around.

Fitness Skills and Drills was the next class we attended, I had high hopes especially as the dance class was such a hit. Plus any opportunity to ware the little one out.  Assault courses, circuits, running, skipping, jumping all to music and all designed to burn off energy. The perfect class designed for energetic toddlers. Even mummy was worn out by the end. Thrown in was some balancing and team work exercises which saw mummy with multiple bean bags on her head. Parachute games the lot, all was included in this active class. another winner with Theo and another winner for mummy.

The final class we picked to try was Toddler Music, seeing as my son Theo aka Billy Elliott took to dancing like a duck to water I thought that with his natural musicality he would love a music class. we ran in (being only slightly late) and quickly sat down to join in with the songs. Theo only having just woken from his nap wasn’t in the singing mood but happily watched as everyone sung and joined in. now I would like to say my knowledge on nursery rhymes and children songs was pretty good but this class proved me very wrong. I managed to get by, by humming my way through though. The class included musical instruments to use along to the songs and lots of actions and dancing. we swung our trunks whilst singing ‘Nelly the Elephant’ and pretended to be asleep before jumping up for ‘Dingle Dangle Scarecrow’. We used finger cymbals and maracas and even just the good old fashioned instrument that is our voices. Apart from the fact we didn’t know many of the songs  we still enjoyed this class, and if we hadn’t been won over already there were even bubbles to end with.

Unfortunately I would have loved to have tried all the classes that were on offer, and BusyLizzy really does have something to offer every child. From different dance classes such as tap and hip hop to even learning languages like french and Spanish and depending on what membership you have you can do as many of the classes as you like.

Membership ranges from £40 to £99 , each membership includes all classes talks and events, a 14 day trial period, guest passes, siblings can attend the same classes for free and if you don’t manage to use all your class credits within the month they can be rolled over. Its free and easy to book online using the app, which gives you a timetable of all classes, venue info and maps and you can even save your favourite classes to make it even easier to book for the next time. For me I loved it, working part time sometimes i become a little lazy planning things for us to do on my days off, these classes allowed me to plan things in, in an instant and if i was unable to make any classes cause of work commitments my mum was able to take Theo along on my behalf. These days I can easily spend over £20 a week just going to soft plays and mother and toddler groups, at least these classes taught the children things as well as being fun.

Theo and I have had a blast this month, I have learnt even more about what he likes and doesn’t like to do (mainly doesn’t like doing as his told) and we have met some lovely people along the way. like on many many feedback questionnaires we have received over the years the question “how likely are you to recommend this company to a family member or friend?” always comes up, well i think this question can perfectly sum up your experience in one simple answer yes or No. If you were to ask us this question based on the last month enjoying the classes BusyLizzy had to offer our answer would be absolutely YES.

So as a final note I would like to thank Busylizzy for entertaining us and we look forward to coming along to some more classes soon.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss our experience further please do not hesitate to email us on theonlywayislatte@gmail.com

Thanks for reading


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