We are big rugby fans, well all of us except the little one.  The opportunity arose for a few of us from our local rugby club to go to the England Rugby 7s at Twickenham Stadium.  Even though the little one doesn’t like rugby we thought he might like the excitement of the stadium, plus it would be lovely to have a day out for the four of us.  We took the plunge.

The idea was that it would have  excitement for the children, a family day and lots of rugby to watch.  In reality it went a bit differently.

We got the train, I think this was the little one’s most favourite part of the day.  We walked with the crowds to the stadium.  Around us was an amazing atmosphere, food stalls and music.  So far so good.

We got in the stadium and it delivered.  They could not believe the size, the noise and how close we were to the pitch.  Our seats were behind the posts and in a great viewing position.

After a game, yep one game, the little one was bored.  There was going to be around 16 games in total, we are in for a long day.  He had eyed up the foot-long hot dogs on entry to the ground.  Luckily it was now lunch time, so surely full tummies would ease the afternoon of rugby watching.  Wishful thinking for about half an hour.  For a change of scenery, we decided to look round the outside of the stadium.  This was a great move, lots to look at, stalls and music.  Definitely breathing new life into the little spectator.  Unfortunately this triumph was short-lived as we got caught in the torrential downpour; tents were flying around, poles knocked down, people taking cover anywhere they could and wet kids.

Pimms O clock was called for.IMG_5702

We went back to our seats for a few more games.  By this point the stadium was filling up, which helped the atmosphere.  I would say it was booze heavy and less family than it had been in previous years.  As we were with the children, we were not boozing and being pretty much sober on a usual all day drinking day was a real eye opener.  To be young again!

It was time for another walk and this time to the shop where they spent their pocket-money.

Back to the seats for the little one to do his maths homework which he brought it of his own accord and happily completed it whilst we watched the remaining games.  At least we could watch some rugby in peace.

There was an appearance in our stand of an England player which was very exciting and with just the England game to go, we tactically departed.  We made it to Pizza Express for well needed food.  My husband and I just sat in stunned silence, we were exhausted.

Train made, home time.

It could have been such a good family day, it was almost there.  We did have quality time and watched good sport.  Unfortunately, I thought I would never say this, but the alcohol fuelled supporters ruined it.  The children couldn’t see, they were covered in spillages from unsteady passer bus and dare I say it, swearing.  As an experienced supporter, I know this is what sporting venues are like.  As it was an all day event, it was more out of hand than what one match would have been.  I would highly recommend Twickenham investing in a family section as it would have given the day a completely different feel.  With all busy places and events, we had the worry of keeping them safe; it was really busy and we had eyes on them all the time.  Hand holding was essential.  Each time we returned to our seats, I had to turf people out as I didn’t want to get split from the kids, don’t mess with an angry mum!

They did enjoy it, oblivious to what was actually going on, so successful screening from hub and me.  We did watch some cracking rugby, the little one completed his homework and I had a Pimms.  Would we take the children again to the 7s, no, but we would to a 15 game or a club game.  All in all, we had a quality family day out and it definitely was an experience!

One thought on “Twickers bound

  1. Chloe says:

    Next time try a BIG GAME instead of the 7’s or come and join us at The Stoop. Lots of pre match entertainment at Quins games and a special game pack for the little ones. The BIG GAME has an amazing family atmosphere, you just have to brace the cold 🙂

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