As the husband’s annual golf weekend approached, we decided that this year, we would bugger off too, but where to go? Not too far as we are driving after the school run and not too close, as we would like to leave surrey, and most importantly; where both mummies and kids can have fun. Rather than decide ourselves we let Airbnb guide us. A little coach house (we say little but it actually very generous) in Cambridgeshire popped up. It fitted our requirements and before we knew it, it was booked.

Cambridgeshire here we come… we know nothing about Cambridgeshire, apart from there is a university who competes in a boat race which usually consists of us drinking Pimms, other than that, not a lot. Thankfully, we weren’t the first to visit the Coach House and after reading the reviews on Airbnb, some lovely folk had suggested to visit Grafham Water  15 minutes from where we were staying. We had a plan.

Friday came, the bags were packed and off we went; two mummies, two doggies and three boys (what were we thinking?). After managing somehow to squeeze us all in the one car we set off on our little weekend adventure. The road trip snacks were opened before we even pulled off the driveway. After hours of traffic, a pit stop for more snacks and to stretch the canine legs, we made it. Luckily it was still daylight (just), because we could appreciate the stunning grounds and beautiful house which we could call home for the next couple days. Tennis courts, chickens and plenty of photo opportunities, what more could we ask for?

We toured the grounds, climbed the tree house and ran around the tennis court. We eventually heard the rumblings of tiny tummies…dinner time. We walked to a nearby pub called The Snooty Tavern. Us mummies finally getting to enjoy a glass of wine and a Smirnoff Ice (yes they still exist) and the boys tucking into burgers and chips. All was happy.DSC_0373

Saturday morning was an early start for all (except the teen). Dogs up, kids up, this equals mummies up. WE NEED CAFFEINE.DSC_0402

After enjoying the fresh eggs that were collected that morning and the home-made marmalade, we spent a few hours playing in the tennis court, walking the dogs around the grounds and waiting for the rain to pass. After copious amounts of tea and a freshly napped toddler we hopped in the car and set off to Grafham Water .


The agenda for today was a bike ride. The not so helpful employee of the bike rental place got our bikes, took our well-earned pennies and waved us off (he didn’t actually wave us off but it sounded better to put it in). The bike path around the lake was 10 miles which we were determined to achieve; even the 6-year-old had the fighting spirit to get round. There were steep inclines, vertical declines, lots of fly eating and helmet battles. There was some walking, bike pushing, essential ice cream eating and one fall we made it. Not sure how we made it but we did. You would think at this stage all would be exhausted but no, the boys still had energy to burn. A little play in the park and the two mummies had well and truly had enough.

We arrived “home” popped on the kettle and enjoyed a little brew whilst the boys burned off even more energy (where do they get it from). Finally, the brood started to tire (not that they would admit it), but the sulks and emotions gave it away. fajita’s for tea, which even Little Theo enjoyed. Pjs and cuddles on the sofa to watch Mr. Bean. There were certainly no bedtime battles tonight, we had some very tired boys on our hands.

Once the last party animal (Theo) eventually crashed, us mummies popped open the prosecco donned our revitalizing, wrinkle busting face masks and enjoyed the extreme cheesiness that is The Eurovision song contest, perfect Saturday night in.


Guarding the dog poo- Stand back everyone!

Sunday morning started much the same…bloody early! We are pretty sure lie ins existed once upon a lifetime ago. Again, we enjoyed freshly laid eggs, toast, bacon and marmalade. With full tummies all round we headed outside and played in the tennis courts, however this time we actually played tennis. Even little Theo gave it a shot. After pretending to be Anna Kournikova for the morning, we packed up the house, got ourselves dressed again (the tennis was sweaty) and bribed the eldest boy to be our photographer for an hour. In our minds we were Britain’s next top model, in reality we were two very awkward mummies trying our very best to act like we had no idea there was even a camera there. How do people make it look so easy? After picking ourselves apart over the size of our bottoms and newly appeared wrinkles (face mask was a load of bullocks) we called it quits said our farewells, mainly to the chickens and headed off to the heart of Cambridgeshire…Cambridge.

Now if we had come to Cambridge minus the dogs we would have had a lovely time, exploring and mingling in the hustle and bustle of the Sunday morning tourists. If we had come to Cambridge minus the dogs AND kids, we would have had an even better time. We could have gone punting, sipped on our prosecco and enjoyed the scenery. We would have enjoyed a leisurely stroll around the market and maybe even have done a spot of shopping. However, that’s not what happened at all. Not only did we walk the streets for hours trying to find anywhere that would do an afternoon tea (requested specifically by the 6-year-old),  just anywhere we could sit outside, as we had the dogs. After asking as many local students as we could, it turns out there aren’t any places that offer this. We spotted Jamie’s Italian, it had one free outside table, we plonked the teen on it and instructed him not to move. All this was to the dismay of the 6-year-old, who is rather partial to an afternoon tea. Only thing for it was bribery, this time with a Gelato from the ridiculously busy ice cream parlour across the road. We consumed the just about edible pizza; Jamie’s you disappointed us and had a glass of Prosecco (there had to be alcohol in there somewhere). After walking for what felt like hours and hours we decided to set off on our journey home. This time with two very tired mummies, two exhausted dogs, 2 overtired, determined not to sleep boys and one completely crashed out toddler. Our weekend away had been successful, a change of scenery for us and an adventure for this kids. We would highly recommend taking the plunge, even though we now need a weekend to recover!

For a little more insight into our weekend away we have posted a video for you to enjoy. Please follow the link. We are new to the whole video thing so don’t judge us. We will get better we promise.








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