“Don’t Pull that face, if the wind changes it will stay like that forever.”

“If you sit that close to the TV you will get square eyes”

“Someone’s going to get hurt.”

We are getting told more and more by our husbands “you sound just like your mother”. Could it really be true, are we morphing into our mothers?  As we grow up and now mothers ourselves, we are saying and doing things just like our mums.

“Are you in or out?”  What does that even mean?

It’s phrases the hubbies are using more often: “you sound just like your mother” or “didn’t know I was discussing this with your mother”.  We know we sound like our mums, as the words leave our lips, we know it was something our mums used to say to us. DSC_0296

We spend half our lives saying to ourselves how we would do things differently, how we want to reason with our children, have conversations with our children then BAM, we end up saying the same things our mums said to us. You have to laugh about it, cause if you don’t, you’ll just cry.

“I’ll wash your mouth out with soap if I hear any swear words pass your lips” More for the teen.  Not there yet with the younger ones.  Would we actually do this?

“Save your drink for your dinner, you’re not getting another one.”  Why can’t I have another

It seems like all mums go to the same parenting school and learn the same things. Every mum we know comes out with the identical ridiculous sayings as their mums, it can’t be coincidence surely.

How could any child answer back to “because I said so”, it is the perfect way to end any argument.IMG_2404.JPG

We think the initiation into motherhood isn’t the labour or the potential years of sleep deprivation but the first time we said a Mum-phrase. That was it, the words “If you can’t play nicely don’t play at all” came out of no where, right at that very minute we become a mum, we became OUR MUMS.

“If you’re too sick to go to school, you’re too sick to play outside.”  Never gets old.

It is true, we are becoming our mothers.  These words of wisdom have been embedded in our brains growing up and now we are using the phrases our boys will pass to their children, oh dear!

Who remembers “what did your last slave die of” and “if your friends Jumped off a bridge would you?” Let’s give the old gals some credit they knew how to get to the point.

If men wanted to know what their future girlfriend or wife would be like in a few years, just look at their mother. The poor blokes probably never knew to what degree. We wrote this blog very much aware of our similarities to our mothers. In our 30’s its become more evident that we both are more like them than we ever could have imagined. Don’t get us wrong both our mothers are brilliant and we love them dearly but surely you’ll agree that there are some things we wished hadn’t rubbed off? Is it because we spend more time with them as parents ourselves, or is it just in our female genes? Who knows. All we know is our mums didn’t do a half bad job raising us so there is hope for us yet.

“Money does NOT grow on trees.”  No s£@t Sherlock.

To all mums and future mums out there, if you haven’t had your initiation into motherhood yet your time will come, our advice, be prepared. Prepare your husbands, friends and prepare your mums because it will come as shock to them too (although we imagine they are all finding the whole thing very funny). Embrace it, if you fight it, it will only get worse.

“When they’re gone they’re gone.”  That’s obvious.

On a final note we would like to say that we love our mothers dearly and without them wouldn’t have coped quite as well with the whole mothering malarkey.

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