The Hangar Café Fairoaks airport

This was a walk, not a stroll down a short path to café. This one was a proper walk.  The kind of walk you know you’ve walked miles and realise you have all that way to walk back, but can’t let on to the kids so you keep it up beat and fun, but know it’s never just 10 more minutes, more like an hour.  Big family walk time.

We parked at Horsell Common Car park on Shores Lane, Horsell.  We had previously walked from a car park closer to the airport, but this time we wanted to add some length to the outing and this was new territory.

The walk was an instant hit with the children.  So many trees to climb, roots to dangle off, sand pits to run through; absolute heaven.  Gorgeous Theo shadowing their every move.  They were happy to stay put 10 minutes into the walk!  (We decided on a warmer day a picnic here would be ideal). DSC_0030

Then there was a pond, even more heavenly.  Sticks to throw, dogs to have a swim and really just get filthy.

DSC_0016We had to move the troops on with promises of camp building upon our return.

It is quite a direct route, one path takes you all the way to Fairoaks airport, but if you get lost, there are the amazing light aircraft flying over head to guide you in.  A bonus for the children.  Major excitement being able to see helicopters and aeroplanes so close.

We got to the run way and were lucky enough to see a bigger jet take off.  You can stand behind the planes at the top of the runway and be blown away, literally.  Watching them take off and land is for all the ages.

The dogs were off lead the whole time and by the time we reached the airport, they welcomed the rest and drink.

It wasn’t too busy at The Hangar Café.  We have been when the queue is out the door.  It is a favourite with cyclists, walkers and aeroplane enthusiasts.  Try and sit outside for great views.  There are standing blocks for the children to watch all the comings and goings of the airport and really just keep them occupied.  The outside seating is safely enclosed in a fenced viewing section.  Inside the café they have toys to play with and doggy treats.  Well behaved dogs can sit inside (just make sure they have been to the loo before as Chewie had a slight accident and decided to leave a pressie…). DSC_0025

The breakfast is great value for money.  Big hearty breakfasts and baps, with extensive tea and coffee range.  Not an avocado in sight.  Lovely selection of cakes and treats.

We all had baps with lattes and hot chocolates.  Of course cake for pudding; rude not too, plus after our massive walk, we felt we needed the pick me up for the way back.

Off we went, back on the few miles walk to the car park.  The children full of breakfast goodness and sugar.  So far so good.  Half way back the 6-year-old lost the plot and was dragged with promises of camps.  The eldest held it together and the baby, fell asleep.  Dogs still loving their adventure.  We made it to the pond and they all came to life again, chucking anything they could in the water.  Back up trees and running around sand dunes.

We made it to the car, Theo passed out (well until he got in to the car, saw the big boys next to him and decided he was up for a play). The rest of us pooped.

DSC_0037All you need from a walk!  Exhausted children, except the baby who re charged his batteries while we had a buggy work out (us mums have buggy gym down to a tee), dogs who slept for the rest of the day and two very tired mums.  One mum managed to have a nap, and the other had a hyper 18 months old all afternoon. To sum up the walk, we would say a friend and family walk to let your children run, have a reasonable priced, no frills breakie and walk it off back to car.  Enjoy!

One thought on “Breakfast Club #3

  1. Nathalie says:

    Love this place – Charlie is plane mad so was a top find!

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