On a mummy’s night out, I was told about woods full of bluebells about half an hour from us.  She said definitely worth a visit.  Didn’t really think again of it until Sunday morning  when we had a few hours to fill while daddy went to work.  Lets give it a go.   

All I was given was the name White Down.  Googled it and found a map from a website with a postcode.  Typed it in the Sat Nav and off we went.  This brought us to DSC_0090a farm, not a bluebell walk.  There was no signal anywhere so we drove on for a while until I got the magic one bar.  Thankfully Google Maps recognised White Down Car Park and we were on our way again.  Top tip just Google map White Down Car Park, Dorking.

After turning down a few country lanes, we were suddenly faced with cars lining the road.  This must be it.  We managed to park in the car park, but it was very busy not only with dog walkers but tourists.

Chewie, the boys and me set off along the self guided trail.  Instantly the walk was a hit; endless supplies of fallen trunks, stumps and trees that are made for climbing.  Half an hour in, we had only ventured 100 metres.  I reminded them we were here for bluebells and pushed on.  DSC_0124We turned a corner and there they were.  Breath taking.  Everywhere you looked was a sea of blue.  As Sampson put it “the sky was on the floor”.  Amongst the blue are paths to follow which lead to camps and more fallen trees.  An hour spent in this section alone.  DSC_0109We continued on the trail but eventually just did our own thing as there is so much to do.  Chewie loving every moment.  He never leaves the boy’s sides and is part of their adventures.  Multiple rounds of hide and seek and you guessed it, climbing trees.

Our off track road took us away from the bluebells.  This gave us beautiful views of the Surrey Hills and incredible bike tracks- we will be coming back for those.

For the bug hunters, there were good pickings.  Butterflies were in abundance and with chief bug hunter Samps, all were photographed for identification once home.

I always wonder when Harry will eventually ditch us on our adventures, but if today was anything to go by, it wouldn’t be for a while.  He was beaming.

We eventually found our way back to the main bluebell bit and had a last play.  Dog on his knees.  Home time is called for.

Very thankful I remembered the recommendation as it was a stress free three hours of fun and adventure.  Plus it didn’t cost a penny.  Dog walked, kids getting on, me shattered.  Another activity ticked off.  We are fresh air junkies and for me, it is better that they are out than at home annoying each other.

The flowers are at their best a few weeks ago and I don’t think they have much time left.  So this week would be your last chance.  We have booked it in for April next year!

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