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Although being cabin crew takes me all over the world, being a mum as well as a jet setter can take its toll. Not every trip away do I go exploring, or do exciting things… yes I’m afraid what you see in movies and TV is quite far from the truth. Currently I am sat on a Grand Hyatt Hotel sun lounger  in Dubai, Sipping on my ice cold Grand Hyatt Hotel water bottle by one of the 4 pools, in 29 degree heat wearing…(That’s   right)…TROUSERS!!

Why? I hear you ask, well let me tell you the ugly truth. I have the hairiest  legs currently known to man, (there I said it ), I’m not talking the hairy kind that we women say to be polite when really its just a few bristles, I’m talking the kind you could brush together and make a plait  that even Rapunzel would be proud of.  Hopefully I haven’t put you off continuing to read, I promise there is a reason for me sharing my extremely embarrassing, hair-raising problem.

Unfortunately this won’t be the travel blog of Dubai you may have expected, on this occasion I won’t be discussing the best markets to go and buy your (clearly real) 40 quid Chanel handbags, or the sand dune experience (that trust me is well worth doing), or even the hidden gem curry house called Ravi’s that all the crew visit, where it costs pennies for some of the best curry you will ever try. Although it is a dry restaurant (meaning no alcohol)…I will give you a few moments to process the No alcohol rule…even so it is still very much worth visiting. I’m not even going to discuss the luxury shopping you can do in Dubai’s many malls and how even the malls are full of attractions. The Dubai mall has the worlds largest aquarium and even the Mall of Emirates has Ski Dubai, which is pretty much the size of a ski resort and has actual snow (yes that’s  right snow in the desert). So no this blog isn’t about travel at all it is actually about GROOMING!Dubai heart

As mothers the time we have to ourselves is, well lets face it, non-existent. Finding time to wax, dye, pluck, tint and thread is like trying to tear away ice cream from a toddler…virtually impossible. I don’t know about you but preening myself is never top of my list. I have tried taking my son with me to have my legs waxed once before and he ended up with more wax on him than my legs did, so I have added that to my list of places to never go with a toddler. Which means I have to find childcare for the couple of hours I might need to myself or squeeze it in to the few hours he is at nursery a week, but trying to fit in grooming, dog walking, food shopping, house maintenance, spin class or just a trip to the loo is out of the question, hence coming to Dubai looking like  yeti.
Yet I am in Dubai, and I should consider myself lucky, yes I may have had to wear two pairs of tights to work just to cover up fluffy limbs, but my break away isn’t sat in an office, I am lucky enough to be able to visit amazing places like this for a living. For me the High life (or should I say hairy life) is no longer pool parties in Vegas, cocktails in Barbados and shopping trips in New York, for me it’s just about getting the quality time I need for myself. Yes I may still go shopping in New York from time to time, but a lot of my time these days is sleeping and looking after me. Oh trust me I have battled with the notion of hours being spent just on myself and have felt guilty because of it, but its whats made motherhood that tiny bit easier. So I urge you to do it too. It may not be in exotic destinations but even if you’re at home just remember you count too. For me my time to myself, like most mums is so precious and although to some this might sound ridiculous, feeling my best keeps me happy. It may only take a lick of paint or chop of the scissors, but if that’s  what you need to feel a tiny bit like the woman you used to be then why stop?

So to conclude my not so travel, travel blog, my 24 hours in Dubai in a snapshot is:

  • Sleep (in the biggest comfiest bed with no snoring dog or hubby)
  • Sunbathe (embracing the au natural look)
  • Alcohol (of course)
  • Bath (maybe drinking my chosen alcohol whilst bathing)
  • Room service (CURRY)
  • TV/social Media (posting pictures of my pool view and making everyone jealous)
  • Sleep (attempting to catch up on 18 months of none)

Not very exciting I know but well and truly needed after a week of tears tantrums and toddler groups. Just a day without saying the words “ no hitting”, “no biting”, ‘ Stop pulling at Douglas’ tale” is a day off in my book.

Trust me I will be writing about some of my upcoming trips away which I promise will be more exciting. So please subscribe to our blog for all my transatlantic tales. Finally just a little note to say for all you fellow hairy mums out there know that you’re not alone. You are amazing hairy or not.

Dubai hotel_Fotor

Signing off from United Arab Emirates


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