Every weekend, we ask the same question:  “where can we go for breakfast?”

There are many fabulous cafes in surrey for breakfast but when you have children, a buggy, dogs and very hungry husbands, the choice narrows.  Also you need to combine breakfast and a walk, which means muddy dogs.  The café then has to have an outside bit or be happy to have dogs inside.  Results getting fewer.

It is our mission to find a café that ticks all the boxes and pass on our findings to you.  We are not food critics and our opinions are our own.  Happy walking and eating!

The Thyme By The River, East Moseley 



We parked at Hurst Park, and walked along the river to the café.  You can lengthen the walk by walking around the park or parking further along the river.  It is a lovely walk full of things for the children to see, boats to wave to, things to climb and ducks to feed.  Plus, the path is flat for a buggy or short enough for a toddler to walk as with Theo, he likes to walk!  You can continue to walk past the café to Hampton Court Palace where you can enjoy a full day out.

The café has many options for seating.  There are outside tables and comfy chairs, an awning section for dogs and owners if raining and inside section for non dog owners.  We sat outside near the playground for maximum ease and convenience.  There is space for the children to explore and keep occupied until the yummy breakfast arrives.  In our case, a bug’s life meets I’m a celebrity as we were inundated with bugs the children had collected.  What is it with boys and bugs?

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The breakfast menu caters for everyone, from full English for our big boys aka husbands to granola and crumpets. There are cakes, ice creams and treats for pudding (yes we have pudding after breakfast, who doesn’t?).

What we really liked was the little touches; blankets if cold, water station so you don’t have to ask for tap water; very important for shy kiddies, dog bowls, high chairs and space.  The children are not confined to the table and this makes the breakfast enjoyable for us parents.  We could supervise our children whilst enjoying our breakfast, having an actual conversation rather than rushing to get out or them saying “I’m bored” or “are we going yet?”.

All three of the children loved this breakfast experience.  Smaller portions for the one-year-old, although he eats the same as the six-year-old, playground and bug exploring places for the six-year-old and affordable food for the teenager who thinks he is an adult and requests adult meals.

No phones were used in the making of this breakfast.  Major win!

On the way back, we visited another playground which again lengthens the walk.  Double the opportunity to tire the littles ones and dogs out.  Naps were enjoyed by all!

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