We have been friends for a very long time, sharing many memories together with our families and as besties.  Blogging is something we have thought about doing but have never taken the plunge.  We have always felt we were destined to succeed with an idea, it was just finding the right time.

As self-confessed reality TV, social media, celebrity, lifestyle and blog fans, we thought how hard can it be?  We follow hundreds of people who do this for a living, post pictures and write posts to inspire us, could we offer something as well?

Yes, we can!  The moment came and we grabbed it.  After one of our successful finds of a café suitable for kids, dogs and a walk, we got down to business.

What can we talk about that’s different to what’s out there?  There are A LOT of mummy blogs.  We are mums but also friends, that have many things in common other than our children.  Travel, passion for beauty and fitness, our Surrey breakfast club, dogs, our children and what they throw at us, plus surviving in a world where there are pressures on everything.  An honest account of survival and being you.  Not preaching or making you feel crap about what you’re doing, but a support and blog that we are in this together.

We have a plan!  Now how do we get this going?  We need a name.  This was tough.  We want to reflect us, but look professional, yet approachable, plus mummy.  Many entered the mix with input from husbands, children, family members and google. ‘Fun time’- people might question the topic, ‘mums do surrey’- again questions may arise.  ‘We need botox’- yes we do but does everyone need to know this?  Finally, over another breakfast, we got it: The only way is latte.  Coffee and chai latte, our go to drinks and escape time.

Now a domain.  There are many websites for domains and varying prices, terms, lengths, how the name ends .com, co.uk etc.  Luckily they had ours and we celebrated with ice creams.  Our venture was off the ground.

The hardest part was the bloody profile picture. It was an afternoon of posing, saying rhubarb (apparently it’s what the extras do on TV), juggling the two dogs (wrestling Chewie for toys from the set), a 6-year-old who was determined to be the photographer and a husband who we stopped leaving the house to take pics.   One hubby escaped with eldest to cricket.  Good move.  We now have a huge respect for all the bloggers who take so many amazing photos.  In the end, it was the snap from the 6-year-old that met the grade and we could get started on the blog.

out take one

OUT TAKE 1 (outfits by New Look, Primark, Missyempire, mint Velvet, Dune and Louboutin

  We researched the world of blogging and decided to use Word Press for the design and management.  With the aid of prosecco, we started to build the site.  It was a long journey but we have come out the other side wiser and drunker.  All hail the prosecco!    

Instagram is our baby and something we really enjoy.  We opened an account and linked it to our blog.  Here we can snap and story to our hearts content.  Look out for our daily posts and rambling stories.

out take 2

Hard at work – actual mayhem

We are very proud of our blog and the hard work we have put in to it. 

We can’t wait to show you what we have planned.   

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