Are you a water saving person? I am, but my husband is most definitely not although he is
trying to be. he is someone who will leave the tap running whilst brushing his teeth, put the
dishwasher on half full and run the biggest baths. out of the two of us I am a lot more water
saving conscious. I once watched a programme that spoke about how it is so important to
save water and energy and I realised I took water for granted. I thought it was this endless
source that could never run out. I had no idea it was our most precious resource until recently.

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During these the last few months, we have found ourselves spending more time at home than ever before. More time at home and lots of lovely sunny days means lots of paddling pool time, plant watering and plenty of water fights. which isn’t surprising to hear that water use this year has soared. By 2080 we expect the population in our supply area to increase by half – thats nearly a million people all needing water for their vital everyday needs.

SES Water is keen to encourage families in Sutton and East Surrey to take small steps to save water this summer with their Water saving Summer campaign. If we all save a little bit we can save a lot and here are a few tips on what you can do in your homes to save water and money.

  1. Hose pipes and sprinklers use a huge amount of water – around 1000 litres an hour – so why not trying watering your plants with a watering can. Either early morning or during the evening when it is cooler and there is less chance of the water evaporating.
  2. Simple things like turning the tap off when brushing your teeth (something my husband is yet to learn) can save up to six litres of water.
  3. Making sure dishwashers and washing machines run on a full load, as half load settings use more than half the amount of water and energy.
  4. Did you know you don’t need to rinse your dishes off before putting them in the dishwasher? just simply scrape off any excess food into the food bin is enough and keeps our sewers clear too.

These are just a few tips to help save water but if you would like to know more then you can visit the SESWater website plus I am sharing a few more tips over at my social media platforms.

One of the other ways SES Water are helping you to save Water and Money is through their GETWATERFIT platform. Within a few minutes it will create a dashboard for your home with lots of water, energy and money saving ideas. you can see how you save water compared to your neighbours, you can even get a water meter and order free water saving devices suitable for your home and get rewards for doing so. It also provides a calculator which allows you to see just how much water you use and how much money you can save, a bit like what you might use for electricity. I am all for saving money where I can as more money saved means more fun things we can do as a family.

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So what steps will you be taking this Summer and the summers here after to save water? I love to find new ways to try save water and money so would love it if you could share your ideas with me by commenting below.

The boys and I are now off to water the plants in the garden by using water from our water butt.

Kim x 

Things you need to know when visiting Center Parcs.

We have just arrived home from our long weekend at Centre Parcs which has recently opened its doors back up after the Covid -19 Pandemic. I was inundated with questions about what is open and what precautions they have in place, so I thought I would write them all down for you to save you having to trawl the internet yourself for answers.


  • The first thing to note is the arrival time for Center Parts has now changed. Access to accomodation is now from 4pm, however you can arrive and use the facilities from 2pm. This is later than the usual time as there are more cleaning proceeders in place which takes longer.
  • They do ask if you can check in online in advance to try and speed up the checking process
  • Check out is now 9am and everyone must vacate the village by 12pm noon.
  • Center Parcs now no longer offer daily housekeeping, but will supply you with extra towels, however I would recommend taking a couple of your own just in case and any other essentials you may need such has extra kitchen towels and toilet roll.
  • All Tea, coffee, chalk and paper has also been removed so remember to bring this with you as they had limited stock in the shop.
  • Face masks must be worn everywhere indoors. In shops, in the swimming pool until you reach the changing rooms, spa and bars and restaurants until you are seated. make sure you bring them and spares, I guarantee you will find you leave it at the bottom of your swim bag. They do sell them in the shops if you need to purchase them
  • Center Parcs are running on cashless payments, but do accept Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • They are also no longer offering early arrival, or any of the little extras such as birthday or anniversary surprises and the breakfast pass.
  • Hand Sanitiser is readily available everywhere. All high chairs are individually wrapped and opened in front of you.
  • We did notice that no linen was supplied for the infant cot, so I would suggest packing your own if you do require one.


  • Many of the usual activities are running as normal, although the number of people per session has been reduced
  • All Activities must be booked in advance on the Centre Parcs website, as the booking desks in the village are closed. We managed to book some extras for when we arrived as some time slots were still available.
  • All staff wear PPE everywhere and some of the activities may require you to bring your own one too.
  • All the forest, beach and outdoor playgrounds are open as usual but indoor soft plays are closed
  • The Cycle Centre is also open, but as with all the other activities you will need to pre-book your cycle hire in advance online


  • Entry into swimming pool must be booked in advance online.
  • Temperature checks are done as you enter and face masks must be worn until you reach the changing area.
  • You wait at the changing room entrance until a staff member escorts you to your changing room. each changing room is then cleaned after each use.
  • There is a limited number of people allowed and you are restricted to the following times:
    • Two x 2-hour sessions per three or four-night break
    • Four x 2-hour sessions per seven-night break
  • They ask if you can arrive 15 minutes before your booked session with your swimwear on underneath your clothes to limit the amount of time spent in the changing rooms
  • You are only allowed to take bottled drinks through to the pool area, all towels and anything else needs to be kept in the lockers
  • All the rides and slides including the Wild Water Rapids were open however the waves were not.
  • There are no refreshments available once you are in the swimming pool so make sure you take along drinks with you.
  • There is now a charge of 10p per person per session when you book which I believe they donate too a charity.
  • All showers and dryers are not available
  • The Spa is open but all treatments must be pre-booked in advance
  • They are currently offering a slightly different treatment menu and they have extended the time between treatments to allow for extra cleaning
  • Again showers and hair dryers won’t be available, however you can change in the treatment room
  • You will need to bring a face covering with you as you are required to wear one until you reach your treatment room.


  • All the restaurants were open but on a pre-book basis only, reservations must be booked on the website in advance. Even if you just want a table for a drink, it all needs to be booked beforehand.
  • You can order direct from any of the village restaurants to be delivered to your accomodation
  • All tables are spaced for social distancing and if menus are used they are single-use only. However most places have apps in place to order and pay from.
  • ParcMarket and Treats are open with social distancing measures in place. They did a strict one in one out when we were there, so make sure you have time if you fancy an ice cream. We did notice that the other stores were not open, these two were the only ones.

I know there is a lot to take in, but I can honestly say that we still had such a brilliant time. The kids did all the activities they wanted and us parents still managed to enjoy the break just as much. We ate out, we enjoyed afternoon drinks and bar snacks, we played in the park, went to the beach, got a takeaway the lot. The price reflected the enjoyment we had. There are less people in the village as they are not at full capacity to help you to keep your distance, which was lovely. It didn’t feel too busy at all.

I really hope I have managed to help if you are planning on visiting soon. Please feel free to comment with any additional questions you might have.

Kim x

If you had told me I would be going shopping with the husband, a toddler and a baby I would have laughed in your face. What crazy woman would do that? Well I did. We were invited to The Lexicon, in Bracknell to come and experience the dinosaur activities they’ve got on over the summer. Which meant entertainment for them and shopping time for me. I think we may have solved our shopping crisis.
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I used to think all births would be like ‘one born every minute’ when they would be born within the hour of the program and it all be relatively straight forward. It was only with the birth of my first son I realised very quickly that a) it takes longer than an hour and b) birth is certainly not ‘straight forward’

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My Mum is the most amazing Mum in the world (bias I know). She has taught me so much, bought me up and now is the most fantastic Nana to my son Theo.  So what do you possibly get the most important woman in your life? Flowers just don’t cut the mustard. Alcohol? Well you could be creating bad habits, chocolates? She will only moan your making her gain weight (eye roll). Continue reading

It’s taken me exactly 26 weeks to finally put pen to paper or should I say a finger to keyboard and write about the fact we are expecting our second baby.  I actually had to say that out loud just to believe it myself. Falling pregnant with my first Theo I hugely took for granted, and the pregnancy itself I was massively naive about.  For me this whole process from the start has been such an eye opener.  Falling pregnant was the easy part which I feel so grateful that it was. We decided in July to stop being ‘careful’ and on 7th September in a Cumbrian hospital we were delivered the news we were PREGNANT! Continue reading