Twickers bound

We are big rugby fans, well all of us except the little one.  The opportunity arose for a few of us from our local rugby club to go to the England Rugby 7s at Twickenham Stadium.  Even though the little one doesn’t like rugby we thought he might like the excitement of the stadium, plus it would be lovely to have a day out for the four of us.  We took the plunge.

The idea was that it would have  excitement for the children, a family day and lots of rugby to watch.  In reality it went a bit differently. Continue reading “Twickers bound”

Where are we going again?

As the husband’s annual golf weekend approached, we decided that this year, we would bugger off too, but where to go? Not too far as we are driving after the school run and not too close, as we would like to leave surrey, and most importantly; where both mummies and kids can have fun. Rather than decide ourselves we let Airbnb guide us. A little coach house (we say little but it actually very generous) in Cambridgeshire popped up. It fitted our requirements and before we knew it, it was booked. Continue reading “Where are we going again?”

You’re just like your mother

“Don’t Pull that face, if the wind changes it will stay like that forever.”

“If you sit that close to the TV you will get square eyes”

“Someone’s going to get hurt.”

We are getting told more and more by our husbands “you sound just like your mother”. Could it really be true, are we morphing into our mothers?  As we grow up and now mothers ourselves, we are saying and doing things just like our mums.
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Breakfast Club #3

The Hangar Café Fairoaks airport

This was a walk, not a stroll down a short path to café. This one was a proper walk.  The kind of walk you know you’ve walked miles and realise you have all that way to walk back, but can’t let on to the kids so you keep it up beat and fun, but know it’s never just 10 more minutes, more like an hour.  Big family walk time.
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Mums can do Festivals too

I’m Mum, but I’m also 32-year-old Kim. Just because I’m now a Mother doesn’t mean I have to stop doing all the things I used to enjoy right? Life is all about balance they say, which in reality is more difficult than it seems. After having Theo, James and I became, well…BORING! We had gone from the couple who would hop on a flight for a little weekend break in say New York, or decide over breakfast to live abroad for a year or just go down the pub with friends during the day because it was a Saturday, to now…. when the best part of our week is Saturday night curry and Game of Thrones. so we decided our New Years resolution for 2017 was to say yes to more things, and start remembering the fun people we used to be. So when I got offered the opportunity to go to one of the biggest festivals in the world how could I say No.
Mum’s can do festivals to right? Continue reading “Mums can do Festivals too”

Breakfast Club #2

The Anchor, Pyrford, Surrey


The Anchor is on the River Wey that runs from West Byfleet to Pyrford lock in Surrey.  The canal is a favourite walk of ours.  It is flat for the buggy and lazy legs.  It has ducks and boats to keep little ones occupied and it is very pretty. On sunny days it can be busy with bikes, lots of woofs and runners, so keep an eye out for them as we are known for a pile up.  Continue reading “Breakfast Club #2”